Friday 120504

Back squat

1 – 10 – 1 – 20 – 1 – 30 reps for max load

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Bob gritting through FGB.

Well the CrossFit South West Regionals are upon us.  As the region’s top athletes and top teams gather in Castle Rock to see who will get their ticket punched for California, I am still in awe about our community.  A community that is proud to be what and who they are.  A community that enjoys coming together to support each other every opportunity.   A community of people who love to have fun, but also love to work hard. 

Even though the majority of us will not be enduring the WODs this weekend, we all have an inkling how these athletes will feel, how they endure and finish.  We have an idea of the amazing time and dedication it’s taken for them to get to this point.  The prize in store for them is reserved for a select few.  We know all will give it their best, some will give everything they have, and few will have the strength to push past everything.  Past that point of exhaustion.  Past the point of self doubt.  Push past all of their thoughts to a point where it is just them and nothing else.  

Will YOU be part of the few?  Will YOU push all of the minutiae away to find the true meaning of a champion?  YOU can do this, WE as a community are here for you.

Regionals Friday Heat times:

Verve team @ 10:40
Cherie & Emmalee @ 11:36
Matt @ 12:36

Verve Team @ 1:54
Cherie & Emmalee @ 3:14
Matt @ 4:24

South-West Regionals are going on Friday/Saturday/Sunday in Castle Rock at 500 Fairgrounds Dr. Castle Rock, CO 80104.  More information regarding directions and parking here.   Come on down and join us!  Verve will have a tent/RV in the parking lot, but our big party tent will be down in the thick of everything.  If you need to pick up your wristband, find us there.  We’ll very likely have extras, so come see us before you buy one.  Bring your campchairs to hang out between events, be prepared to enjoy the sun, competition and the CrossFit community from the entire SouthWest region!  

Let’s get ready to rumble Verve!!!
An event like this in our very own backyard–don’t miss it!

A reminder, our Free Intro WOD is still on for  Saturday at 9a.m.  Sign up here.  If you have been interested in CrossFit, or you have a friend you think they might like CrossFit bring them in!


  1. Carlita :

    I’m so excited for the great athletes I’ve come to love and admire at at verve! Good luck, have fun and please, kick some SW ass!!

  2. Simon :

    I miss my peeps. I’m down here in McAllen, TX representing the Verve to the fullest. Eating Paleo on the reg, smoking through wods on the reg, all thanks to the amazing training I get at home. Good Luck to every one competing!

  3. Gabriel :

    Hey, look, the family’s all here 🙂 Miss you too, Simon! I’m excited to see our Verve peeps throw down this weekend!

    Things will be quieting down at home very soon, and I’ll have the kitchen reclaimed back from messy roommates, which means dedicated zone/paleo here as well. I look forward to smashing some PRs in the near future 🙂

  4. J. Barron :


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