Friday 120511

Three rounds on the 6:00 minute interval:

Run 800m

Post times to comments.

Michaela with elbows high and outside.

Maintaining a high level of performance is dependent on several things, namely nutrition, physical activity, and sleep.  When you ignore one of these or one of them is insufficient, your weight will suffer.  The amount of sleep you get directly effects staying at a healthy weight.  

Hormones in your body respond to the food that you ingest.  One of those hormones is cortisol. Cortisol comes from the adrenal glands located on top of your kidneys. When you do not get enough sleep the adrenal glands release cortisol and travels to your brain and triggers it to think that your body is hungry even if you have already eaten.

When you sleep, your body replenishes the growth hormones in your body. When you do not get enough sleep, growth hormone levels are reduced, which in turn reduces the body’s ability to grow new muscle. We know limitations will happen in life that affects your sleep schedule such as your night life, work, babies… But try and make your sleep a priority in order to keep that healthy weight and to continue to break those PR’s.  

We’ve been discussing sleep cycles and apps recently at Verve, what’s your favorite sleep aide?  (And whiskey doesn’t count!)

Today our Outside Moms class will meet at Commons Park at 18th and Little Raven.  Bring your stroller and be prepared for some kid-friendly fun.

Remember, Saturday classes will be condensed to a single 7:00AM class at Verve, so you can get your WOD on and then get to enjoy a yummy post-workout breakfast.

On Sunday we’ll host our normally scheduled 10am and 11am WODs, however they will both be at Commons Park (18th and Little Raven.)  So come enjoy fun in the sun, and maybe grab some coffee afterward!


  1. Tobias :

    sleepytime is a good sleep aide for me…

  2. Matt :

    Check out ESPN3 for Central Easy Regional video and commentary.

  3. Ben :

    I use the sleep cycle alarm clock app nearly every night. I feel like I wake up more rested because of it.

  4. Blerg :

    what happened to Friday HDCC?

  5. KDB :

    Observations on the Central East Coverage:

    1) ESPN should let Matt Chanimal do all the Central East regional commentary
    2) I think Froning forgot to bring any t-shirts with him
    3) Cherie Chan’s deadlifting picture > Julie Foucher’s deadlifting picture
    4) I should probably be working rather than watching the Jumbotron Stream, but will probably just kip whatever else I need to do for the day. Kipping allows for more volume in less time, right?

  6. Gabriel :

    I was actually reading this article today that talks about “social jet-lag,” that is, the way we effectively give ourselves jet lag every weekend by maintaining a different sleep cycle on weekends due to socializing, partying, etc., versus the weekdays at work:

    Never thought of it that way before, but DJing and event promotion can easily keep me up until anywhere from 2 AM – 7 AM on some weekends, and then I work 8 AM – 5 PM weekdays. Definitely a mess of a circadian rhythm I got going here. Jet-lag is a very fair way to put it.

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