Friday 120727

Five rounds for time:
7 Muscle ups
21 Burpees (burpee touch is 12″ above max reach)

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Beware the Gimmicks. 

I don’t often lecture about nutrition, mainly because my own nutrition is a work in progress, constantly being redefined and articulated.  One thing I think that we can all agree on, however, is that there is a lot that we should all avoid.  Paleo/Zone is a template; we start with that, and then we tinker.  We add, we subtract, until we have a diet that supports our body in the best way.  That being said, we can easily be misled by some of the gimmicks we see in advertisements today.  Take for example, the picture above.  “Organic Sugar.”  The food industry has caught on to the fact that many people are desiring to eat not only healthy foods, but clean ones as well.  Foods that have not been affected by chemicals.  As a result, “organic” foods seem to be popping up everywhere, with the implication being that if it says organic, it must be good for you.  
Sugar is sugar.  Doesn’t matter if it’s organic.  Organic sugar, taken in too great a quantity for too great a time, will still lead to an overweight, hypertensive person.  Unfortunately, the maker of that amazing sugar does not have your health interests at heart.  So you need to not be fooled. Beware the gimmicks: Gluten free, organic, low calorie, low fat – doesn’t equate healthy.  Own what you put in your body.  
If you were unable to attend the Nutrition Workshop and Nutrition Program introduction on Wednesday and are interested in joining the program, please email Sara at  She will send you all of the information on the program and get you signed up! She will also be available at the gym on July 27th from 5-7 and July 30th from 5-8 to answer any questions you may have in person. Let’s commit to good nutrition!


  1. Jen M :

    I am looking forward to doing the Nutrition Program!!!! I enjoyed Sara’s intro and information Wed. night.
    I’m ready to commit to good nutrition!!

  2. Matt :

    Heck yeah Jen! The road to elite level fitness is shortening. Nutrition is the shortcut.

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