Friday 120803

For time:
1600m Run 
9-6-3 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Deadlift, 275#/185#
800m Run
12-9-6 reps of:
Ring dips
Deadlift, 225#/155#
400m Run
15-12-9 reps of:
Hand release push-ups
Deadlift, 185#/125#
200m Run 

Post time to comments or BTWB.

The gun show has arrived at Crossfit Verve

Why did you start doing Crossfit?

Was it because you wanted bigger guns?  Was it to look more intimidating in a muscle shirt? Maybe to fit in to that dress you wore that one time?  Perhaps you’re getting married soon, and you want to look good for that special day.  For the record, there’s nothing wrong with any of those reasons.  A lot of peoples’ motivations for working out are aesthetically driven. 

 Is that all there is to it though?  Have any of you noticed that the longer you do Crossfit, the more stuff you can do?  Maybe that random hike you did doesn’t feel as tough today as it did pre-Crossfit.  Perhaps having to move your child in and out of a car seat is more manageable today.  That first day of skiing or snowboarding of the season doesn’t leave you feeling sore anymore; you’re already in shape for it!  The point is, whether it’s our original reason or not, we quickly realize that the ever changing workouts that we do in our gym prepare us for whatever we want to do today.  We are ready to do stuff. I want to hike a 14’er this weekend.  Sweet, let’s go.  I want to run a half-marathon.  Whatever, let’s give it a try.  My buddies want me to play some basketball this weekend.  3-2-1 go.  I’m ready. 

 One of the tenets of Crossfit is that we apply ourselves to different sports to (1) continually challenge ourselves, but, more importantly, (2) have fun.  So, while waiting for your .22’s to turn into cannons, ask yourself:

What do I want to do today?



  1. Gabriel :

    Oh man, you guys are silly. I love Matt’s face: “HURRRRRRRRRRRRR!”

  2. dave m :

    Harvard Business Review blog outlining many of the things I love about crossfit as it pertains to the definition of winner…

  3. Julie H. :

    Nice article, Dave.

  4. Jim D. :

    I’m so stoked. Went home after OLY class yes this morning and really worked over my shoulder. Lacrosse balls, barbell rolls, stretching and other various midevil tours of torture. Then I attempted 3RR todays WOD rx’d. The first 9 HSPU’s were difficult since I haven’t ben able to pull one off Isince before the games. The rest came easier. Then came the ring dips. Haven’t been able to get one of those without pain in a while. Finished those off and did the WOD rx’d. 31:28

  5. Keith :

    Jim, you’re my inspiration. I’ll never match your abilities but always aspire to reach you willingness to try.
    Dave, an absolutely great article! I’d love to see those four bullet points near the end posted as a definition of Verve’s ideal of winners.

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