Friday 120810

For time:
3 Snatch
5 Burpees-over-bar
3 Snatch
10 Burpees-over-bar
3 Snatch
15 Burpees-over-bar
3 Snatch
20 Burpees-over-bar
3 Snatch
25 Burpees-over-bar

Post loads and time to comments or BTWB.

Team “Touch of Gray” sweating it out on Thursday.

Attention To Detail

 I recently attended a Coaches Prep course in Boulder. This would be a course to help coaches transition to the highly anticipated Crossfit Coaches Certification, possibly coming within the next 3-6 months.  The biggest import that I got from these two days was the need for attention to detail. The movements that we coach at Crossfit Verve (functional, multi-jointed movements) are so rich, you really can’t stop getting to know them.  You simply keep peeling back layers to discover how you can further refine them.  To do this, you have to know the movement, study it, and then be able to “see” it.  
Seeing a movement can be a fairly ambiguous term.  If you pick up a PVC pipe, put it on your shoulders, and jump it over your head, I could see that you were trying to do a push jerk.  But it that all?  If your hips don’t extend on your drive, do I see that?  If your knees dip in on your dip, do I see that?  If your mechanics are solid, can I “see” how maybe I can still improve that movement?  That is our challenge as coaches.  To constantly know, and see the movements better. As in any craft, the learning never stops.  Attention to detail is very important to the coaching staff at Verve.  We consider the pursuit of it our responsibility, and we hope it shows


  1. Jorge :

    Speaking of attention to detail – where’s the WOD description for the day?

  2. Kevin :

    Dyeing our hair….. for time of course

  3. MrLeet :

    It does show – each and every one of Verve’s coaches are on the ball, training us but also continuing to train themselves, willing to engage athletes real-time – the reason I come to Verve for my training. Having been a member of three gyms at the same time (business travel is great isn’t it), as well as having a choice in gyms Verve sets the standard by which gyms should be measured. We see this when Matt walks through the gym and steps in to correct a movement, we see this when Anna is leading a class, we see this when Zinc smiles with his black eye. I am proud to be a Verve athlete.

    Thanks Verve Coaches – Matt, Cherie, Mas, Joylyn, Anna, Emmalee, Luke, Chris Z, Robin, Courtney, Chris S, Beth, Matt G, as well as our trainers in training … uhhh thats all I got – hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out.

  4. Scotty :

    What kind of percentage weights are you wanting for snatches?

  5. CrossFit Verve :
  6. CrossFit Verve :

    Scotty –
    Heavy as possible without linking the 3, but also not having to go down in weight. Warm up correctly and that will help you reach that sweet spot


  7. Scotty :

    Thanks as always!

  8. Jim D, :

    Well the Docs have spoken and I need to have medical intervention on my shoulder. I told them 3-2-1 Go, but they said I would have to wait until the 28th of August. The bad news is I signed up for the FRCF Masters Competition on OCT 13-14th and I won’t be able to compete. Is there anyone who was unable to sign up before it sold out that needs a spot?

  9. Cherie :

    Jim – So happy to hear your getting that shoulder fixed. Here’s to healing!

  10. It shows big time!!! Thank you for taking care of me and Danyelle when we were there and thank you for the awesome coaching!

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