Friday 120831

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters, 95#/65#

Post time, butterflies and tears to BTW.

Jenni rocked her first double under ever on Thursday, and performed many more during “Annie.”

Anatomy of A Snatch

So often as coaches we put our clients under the microscope as we dissect your movement.   Indeed, some coaches grade themselves and others by how well they “see” a movement.  Well, today the tables are turned.  I’m putting myself under the microscope, and we’re going to pick apart my Snatch.  You can see it by clicking here.  

As the lift begins, one things sticks out to me: My beginning position needs to change; my shoulders are a bit too far forward.  If I was to give myself a cue, I would say butt down, shoulders back.  I want my shoulders directly over the bar. Secondly, watch my initial lift-off. If you watch closely enough, you see that my torso angle changes.  That’s bad.  My hips rise slightly faster than my shoulders.  As this happens, you can see my shoulders go forward. This takes my weight forward, which is also bad.  So, my torso angle has become more horizontal, and my weight is pulled forward.  The results of this positioning is going to manifest itself during my second and third pulls.  As I jump, I do a fair job of extending the hips and exploding, but, because my weight is forward, the bar comes forward. Because the bar comes forward, my body comes forward some more.  My landing position for my third pull is close to a foot in front of where I began. 

Also, watch my head.  I’ve been working on reaching my head and shoulders back. Why?  To get my torso to lean back so I can keep my center of gravity where I want it.  But I throw my head back.  This would be an over-correction.  And finally, my feet. They come WAY off the ground.  The closer my feet are to the ground, the faster my lifts will be.  It is what I will focus the majority of my attention on in the months to come.  

To summarize, I think there are a lot of good things going on with this lift.  However, it’s significant to me that a small error in positioning in my first pull leads to such a large chain reaction of events.  Because my hips lift just a couple inches early, my lift is wild.  That being said, it was still a success; I made the lift.  Next time is a new opportunity.  

Remember folks, we’ll be having Outside WODs this weekend at Commons Park on Saturday and Sunday due to the CrossFit Endurance Seminar.  What a great weekend of weather to come join a workout and enjoy your holiday!  On Monday, Labor Day we’ll be back at Verve for two classes at 9am and 10am!  Sign up on MBO.

September Foundations begins Tuesday evening, Sept 4th and runs till Sept 24th on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday evenings at 7pm.  As always, it’s filling fast, don’t miss out!  Remember, refer a friend or family member to get 50% off your next month’s membership!  Email to sign up.


  1. Patrick M :

    Luke I love that play by play with the commentary!!! Definitely drives home the importance of the first lift. I wonder how we can get video like that of ourselves for review? Maybe in Oly class? Cheers thanks for sharing.

  2. Russell :

    Luke, that is an awesome vid. You should make an entire series of them. Learned a ton in just 4 minutes.


  3. Kevin T :

    Luke, great video and coaching. I learned a ton from 4 minutes of video. Thank you

  4. Matt :

    Great video…. good thing there is a slo-mo button, because it looked pretty solid to me besides the jump forward!

  5. Fernanda :

    Can’t believe I’m missing Fran today 🙁

  6. CrossFit Verve :

    Luke here. Thanks for all the feedback on the video guys. Appreciate it. Did Fran today. As rx’d 4:07. Not a PR. I like Fran cos it’s good for me. Fran forces me to push really hard. And I hate pushing really hard. Guess I’ll have to do it more often.

  7. Jeff :

    Always learning something from Luke. PR for Fran today, cut off 30 seconds, and did almost all pull up without a band. First time I have felt that sold and somewhat in control of the kipping pull up. Probably rested a bit too much in between. Next time prescribed.

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