Friday 120907

As a team of three, in 12:00 minutes, complete as many reps as possible of:
20m Overhead carry, 155# (105#)
Kettlebell jerks, 24kg (16kg) each arm
Box jumps, 20″

Post times to BTW.

Abiye, also known as O. O has tasted the kool-aid.

Handling Pressure

Everyday we feel pressure.  Work, home, everywhere.  Let’s be fair; sometime it gets to us. We have bad days. I use exercise as a tool to deal with bad days.  That being said, I get better at dealing with pressure outside the gym by dealing with pressure inside the gym.  What is pressure?

 You can simply say it is the anxiety we feel when faced with a certain situation.  Pressure comes from within.  We create it.  How we handle the pressure we create affects our self-image, and also the outcome of the situation we face.  Are there any tips for handling pressure better?

 Indeed, there are.

 1.)  Focus on the task at hand.  The next lift.  The next pull-up. The next run.  There is nothing emotional about those tasks.  It’s all physical, so focus on the physical aspect of the moment.

2.)  Prepare yourself mentally.  You can do this by having a mental game plan.  You could even write this plan down, to serve as a visual reminder.  Understand your strengths, and look forward to being able to employ those strengths. Finally, use imagery to create a positive mental state of mind. Envision success.

3.)  Prepare technically.  Make sure your skills are sharp.  As it applies to Crossfit, make sure your warm up, especially the skills portion, is crisp, and refines.  Know your movements, and ask questions if you don’t.  Eventually, your success rate with any given task will improve based on your ability to perform it.  Sounds obvious, but sometimes we (me) want instant gratification, not willing to put in the work to attain skill. 

4.)  Physically prepare.  Keep yourself in shape.  Come to the gym.  Take care of yourself.  Eat better.  You deserve to treat your body well. 

5.)  Remember: Failure is unavoidable.  If you’re not failing, you’re not improving.  Embrace the challenge to improve.


CrossFit Verve will be the site of a Reebok commercial shoot on Monday, September 10 and Tuesday, September 11th.  What this means for YOU: the Skilz and HotDogs and CupCakes classes have been cancelled those days, and all other classes (including Moms and Foundations) will go on at their normally scheduled times at COMMONS PARK, meet at 18th and Little Raven.  Oh, and don’t you worry, the WODs will be some good ol’ humdingers for you!  So don’t miss it, sign up for your Outside WODs on MBO like normal.

Thank you for your understanding and we are excited to tell you that this will allow us to finish the second shower at Verve — WOOHOO!  So two days of amazing workouts in the park in the amazing Colorado outdoors = another great spot to change, shower, and clean up to enjoy your world post-WOD!


  1. slaughter :

    O is batman! I found him!!!

  2. Russell :

    Does that include the 530am? At the park?

  3. CrossFit Verve :

    Russell – Yes even you 5:30am er’s – CC

  4. "O" :

    Shhhh….don’t tell anyone

  5. Leslie :

    Hey- will you put a mirror in the shower? I haven’t ever used the shower but when I change when the bathrooms are occupied it is helpful if I can see myself. Thanks!

  6. Cherie :

    Leslie – yes I think we can do that.

  7. Jordan :

    I just want to say that is awesome I can’t wait to see Verve represented!

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