Friday 121012

Three 10:00 minute intervals on a running clock:

Run 1 mile
Complete as many shoulder press, 115#/75# as possible with remainder of time.

Run 1 mile
Complete as many push press, 165#/115# as possible with remainder of time.

Run 1 mile

Complete as many jerks, 205#/135# as possible with remainder of time.

Post reps and mile times to BTWB.

Kyle B. (Once again, to protect anonymity), practicing his daily superhero movements.

We’re going to use another post to brag about one of our athletes, because we know he wouldn’t brag about himself.  Kyle gave us the results of his latest powerlifting total after four months of the 5-3-1 cycle.  He faithfully comes in at 5:30 every morning, and also puts in extra time working on deficiencies and weaknesses.  His results are showing:

Back Squat =     235
Bench Press =   225
Deadlift =            325
Total =                 785#
Body Weight = 186#

Back Squat =     275
Bench Press =   250
Deadlift =            375
Total =                 900#
Body Weight = 177#

The first myth that Kyle’s results dispel is that we become bigger, or bulkier, by lifting heavy weights.  Our physique may indeed change, but not for the bulkier.  Kyle lost nearly ten pounds over the last four months.  Nonetheless, he experienced a 115# increase in his powerlifting total.  That’s nearly a 15% increase in absolute strength in four months. Remarkable. 

While we’re on the subject, let’s briefly review some benefits of heavy lifting:

1.) We build bone density by stressing them. Osteoporosis is doomed.

2.) We build absolute strength.  Stuff that was heavy six months ago doesn’t seem so heavy anymore.  

3.) There is a neurogical response; muscle fibers change.  By practicing the Olympic Lifts, or simply powerlifting with speed (strength-speed), we can develop fast twitch muscle fibers that change the way our muscles operate.  Some of this is determined by genetics, but is doesn’t mean that we aren’t powerless to develop it on our own.

4.) You get a post written about you. WOOTWOOT.


  1. MC :

    Go Kyle!

  2. Leslie :

    Whoot! Will you please post the times of the people doing the body weight competition tomorrow? I want to go watch. Thanks!

  3. Fiorella :

    Keep killing it Kyle!

  4. Russell :

    Kyle is awesome!

  5. Julia :

    Get it, bro! I admire your resolve and commitment, kid….

  6. Ali :

    Yeah Kyle! That is awesome!

  7. Cherie :

    YAY KYLE! Hard work pays off !


  8. Jim D. :

    Those are awesome gains Kyle!!! Did you introduce any other changes to your life style during those 4 months, diet, supplements, etc.?

    • KDB :

      JD: I attribute most of the gains here to great coaching, but some of the things I did change were:
      1) More food. I started eating more, even though I lost weight. Specifically, more fruits and nuts.
      2) More sleep. I started going to bed half-hour earlier. I know that’s not much, but I think it accumulates during the week.
      3) Virtually no booze. I put a Texas sized ass whoopin’ on some Old Fashioneds on my birthday. Other than that I didn’t drink.
      4) More mobility. In addition to doing some extra mobility work at Verve, I also started stretching out at noon every day at work for 10min.
      5) Oly practice with Luke P.
      6) BCAAs and ZMA. I think there is a blog post somewhere by Matt C. where he talks about these.
      7) My attitude. My brain shifted gears somewhere along the way and I wanted to beat everyone in the 530AM WOD. Not because I wanted to boast about it or because I have rage issues, but because I thought I could help make the guy/gal across from me better. Because I knew they (even without knowing it) where making me better. Some sort of collective, transcendental Crossfit WOD bullshit. I don’t know what it’s called, but the class is stronger as a group than an individual on their own…if any of that makes sense.

  9. Wow! Strong work! That’s a great improvement!

  10. Matt :

    Congrats Kyle!!!! Huge PR’s!!!!

  11. Joylyn :

    So awesome Kyle! Well-earned and well deserved! Every bit of it! Congratulations!


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