Friday 121109

For time:

50 Wall ball shots, 20#(14#)
5 Rope climbs, 15′ 
40 Wall ball shots, 20#(14#)
4 Rope climbs, 15′ 
30 Wall ball shots, 20#(14#)
3 Rope climbs, 15′
20 Wall ball shots, 20#(14#)
2 Rope climbs, 15′
10 Wall ball shots, 20#(14#)
1 Rope climb, 15′

Compare to 110324.

Post times to comments and BTWB.

I wonder what’s going to happen to these new ropes sitting on the ground. Maybe tug of war?

Velocity and Force

Imagine a mountain bike for a moment.  On your bike, you have different gear ratios.  The lower the gear the faster you can pedal (velocity), because it is easy to push the pedal (force).  One the other hand, the higher the gear, the harder it is to cycle your pedal (force increases), but the RPM of the pedal declines (velocity decreases).  

When it comes to working out, consider how velocity and force mesh with each other according to movement patterns:

1.) High force, low velocity (think of your 1RM deadlift or back squat).

2.) Moderate force, moderate velocity (Perhaps the thruster weight you would use  for “Fran.” You can move this weight moderately fast.)

3.) Low force, high velocity (imagine a pitcher throwing his best fastball).

Each of these force/velocity ratios listed can affect you in dramatic ways, providing that you give maximum effort.  Therefore, we try to train all three.  In doing so, we raise the level of all three.  We aren’t just able to deadlift or back squat more over time; we are also able to run a faster 100m dash, row faster, do “Fran” faster… you get the point.  The key is maximum effort.  A common adage is that the results we see from CrossFit are from: 1.) Intensity, and, 2.) Adaptation.  The different stimuli that comes from the force/velocity ratios listed above are certainly forms of exercise that force our body to adapt.  But without intensity, a low force, high velocity movement becomes a low force, low/moderate velocity movement.  It’s not as hard,  the stimulus lessens, the results come slower.  Why is performing with max intensity hard? Because it hurts!!  But after we see the results, and after seeing the amount of force and velocity that we can apply to various objects and exercises increase, it certainly makes it worth it.  So come one, come all.  Let’s suffer together.

OUTSIDE WODs on Saturday!  We’ll be meeting at the Curtis Park for classes at 10am and 11am for a special WOD designed by a PRO to get you ready for ski/snowboarding season!  Don’t miss it!

Also, the Halloween costume votes have been tallied.  Winners are…….the Hamburgler, Where’s Waldo, and Gangnum Style.  You know who you are, check in with Rachel for your prize!



  1. Man! I love wallballs! Too bad I can’t do this one (minus the slippery rope that will force me to hone my skillz….)

    Might be an open gym deal.

  2. Leslie :

    For the ladies only- keep everything strong! I know it is a little TMI but I know too many women with weak pelvic floors- not something you ever want.

  3. Fiorella :

    The new ropes are a HUGE improvement. Thank you Verve for always investing in the best for your athletes!

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