Friday 121116

Three rounds for time:

800m Run

15 Power Snatches (115#/75#)

Post times to comments and BTWB.


Fit moms make us smile as well, Maria.

Nonparametric Relations ~ Luke Palmisano

So, in my effort to sound smarter, I once again turn attention to my Russian influences. Thanks to them, I now use rather large and complicated words, like “nonparametric.”  And “relations.” And “grandiloquent.” Is it working?

Imagine a swimming coach who is trying figure out how to get more power out of his swimmer.  He wants exercises to help.  There are what we may call “sport specific” exercises, like swimming drills (duh). That would a parametric relation.  Swimming and swimming drills are congruent with each other. On the other hand, there are exercises that use range of motion that do not look like the movements a swimmer would use, but still may help produce a more powerful swimmer.  These exercises would be considered non-parametric.  For instance, leg and hip power may be lacking in a certain swimmer.  The coach then wants to mend these deficiencies for his swimmer.  The Clean and Jerk and Snatch may not mimic a swimming motion, but the coach may find that the strength and power developed in the Olympic Lifts results in a more powerful swimmer.  Perhaps the coach also finds that raising the athletes deadlift numbers results in a stronger swimming stroke.  

There is a real-life example of this.  Some years ago, CrossFit originator Greg Glassman was training the US Women’s Olympic Ski Team.  You would think that skiing would be all about developing the lower body, right? You may also assume that having a skier on the ski slopes all day long would be a sensible way to train a skier.  Well, Coach Glassman had the women performing kipping pull-ups.  Low and behold, the ski times improved.  Why?  I know not why.  But specific movements helped his skiers.

So, lets talk now about you.  Yeah you.  Don’t walk away from me.  You may find that you’ve improved at different activities outside of the friendly confines of Verve since you started doing CrossFit.  Why?  Because the maximum effort you’ve put forth into different movements at the gym have translated to your life.  Why?  I know not why.  I mean, I’m smart, just not Russian smart.  Someday, maybe. Maybe it’s something in the vodka? It makes sense though, doesn’t it?  Non-parametric relations just gives us a term to define that which we can already kind of see happening to ourselves.  

This information is heavily referenced from the book, Science and Practice of Strength Training, written by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky and William J. Kraemer.


  1. Keith :

    You’re Luke-smart. A Russian couldn’t touch that.

  2. Sarah Lev :

    What a cute little mama!!

  3. Erin :

    Luke is smart and swole, what else do you need? I do have a question- does this mean we get to drink vodka now? Thank you, Motherland!

    Maria- you’re look fabulous!

  4. Robyn :

    Lookin good Maria!

    Hey ververs, does anyone have a men’s red drip shirt size large that we could borrow for the turkey challenge this weekend? If so text Robyn @ 970-412-4307.

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