Friday 130215

Crossfit For Kenya

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
50 Squats
30 Push-ups
15 Pull-ups

Post results to comments and BTWB.

Kim and Sean, on an easy Sunday morning.

How Do You Measure Intensity?

After a workout is done, we doubt you care very much about how your intensity is measured; you’re just glad that it’s done. That being said, there are varying ways that CrossFit workouts force you to express your intensity. Some of it we may excel at, while we may struggle at some others. Let’s illustrate.

  • You can measure intensity through magnitude of resistance. Meaning, how much can you lift? The CrossFit Total would be an example. 
  • You can measure intensity through number of repetitions per set. You might be able to do five pull ups at a time for quite a while. How many can you perform in three max rep sets though? What about five max rep sets? The WOD “Lynne” would be an example of this kind of intensity. It works with weight lifting, power lifting and body weight exercises.
  • You can measure intensity through repetitions with maximal resistance. This could be defined by a classic lifting day at Verve. For instance, we just completed a squat clean day, with a rep scheme of 3-3-3-3-3. What is heaviest three-rep-set set you can perform? 
  • Finally, you can measure workout density. For instance, take a rep scheme of 10 pull-ups, and 10 thrusters. How many times can you complete that “set” in ten minutes? In twenty? Sound familiar. CrossFit has coined a term for such workouts: AMRAP. 
Using all these methods of intensity and seeing how you measure up will help you to define your weaknesses. Becoming competent through all methods will make you a complete athlete. 
This information is referenced from the book Science and Practice of Strength Training, written by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky and William J. Kraemer.
All donations for today’s WOD will go to CrossFit For Kenya. Cash and check donations can be accepted at CrossFit Verve, whereas credit card donations can be given here.  
Paleo Cook-off starts at 7pm.  Bring your dishes by 6:45pm please to get set-up for the blind tasting and voting.  Big $ on the line for the winning recipe as well as extra entries for our weekly drawing for  free Personal Training session.  Come hungry!
A reminder to check out “The Atlas Barney Stone” competition to benefit Phoenix Multisport. It is a partner competition that will be held March 17th, starting at 9:30 A.M. For more information, check here.


  1. RYAN F. :

    i just wanna give a shout out to Luke. I was stuck at a weight on all my oly lifts, and since joining the oly class i have PR’d every lift by 20# or more. Thanks Luk, now ill be more prepared for the ninjas and bengal tigers!

  2. CrossFit Verve :

    Ryan, that’s awesome! Incredible work on your part too! Thank you for the feedback.


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