Friday 130208

AMRAP 12 Minutes
150 Wall Balls (20# to 10′ target/14# to 9′ target)
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle-ups

This is CrossFit Open workout 12.4 from last year. The Open standard is to complete each movement as seen above, in that order. However, you have the option today to start with any of the three movements listed, provided that you finish the required reps for that movement before moving on.

Post results to comments and BTWB.


The 12:30 class, getting ready for 3,2,1….


Mental Differences Between the Clean and the Snatch ~ Luke Palmisano

So, I’ve decided to share some insight into the mind of me (let the jokes ensue). Specifically, how I set myself up mentally for the Olympic lifts. Because, you see, they are very different beasts. They get grouped into the same category, but are categorically different (see what I did there). 

The clean and jerk. Ya know what the cool thing about the clean and jerk is? You don’t have to be that technical to make it work. Ya know what the cool thing about coffee is? It’s always there for you (I digress, and that last comment has NOTHING to do with me trying to cut back on the smack, and potentially stave off adrenal fatigue. Thanks, Cherie.). But seriously, can you deadlift? Cool. Can you snap your elbows forward real fast-like? Awesome. Can you jump that weight over your head? Even better. Congrats, PR. The point is, mentally speaking, you can really get aggressive with the clean. Let er’ rip. Yell, scream, or listen to metal like Slaughter does. Because the bar goes overhead in two movements, instead of one, your center of gravity changes slower, giving you more room for error. So, next time you are shooting for a one-rep-max clean and jerk, let’s see your angry face. It normally pays off. 

The snatch. Ya know what the cool thing about the snatch is? Well… this is a debatable point. So lets go with what’s not cool about the snatch. 1.) Moving a weighted bar over your head in one movement is really hard to do (my wisdom is hard to refute). 2.) You need to be pretty flexible, which we all ain’t. 3.) You have 198 joints moving at once. Something. Always. Goes. Wrong. And you know what? The more you fight it, the more it fights back. It’s like that girl I wanted to date back in high school. All I wanted to do was care for her! Yet the harder I tried, the faster she ran. Weird, never could figure that one out. Anyways, with the snatch, I’ve found that I need to go to a calm place. How else can I reconcile weight on the balls on my feet, knuckles down, shoulders back, back tight, eyes up, and elbows loose? The whole movement takes a mere second. It’s the most action packed second in history. And the more angry and aggressive I get, the more I push the bar forward. The more calm I stay, the more finesse in my movement, and the more I can control the movement of the bar. The snatch is so much more a finesse movement than the clean. So, if the clean is like therapy for anger management, then the snatch is like a relaxing, transcendental day at the spa…. Granted, a day at the spa where you lift heavy weights over your head in one movement. 

So, there it is. A brief glimpse into the mind of me. You’re welcome.

P.S.: A kind reminder, please park only in spots marked for CrossFit Verve, or on the street. Our neighbor tenants have left a few notes on cars as of late. Thank a bunch.


  1. Leslie :

    Ugh. I hated this work out- I didn’t even get through the wall balls….

  2. Fernanda :

    Great way to “translate” those movements.
    I’ll try to go to my “happy place” next time I snatch. Thanks Luke

  3. Ginger :

    Can we change the order? Say, double unders then wall balls then muscle ups.

    • CrossFit Verve :

      Ginger, yes we are giving you that option today. As long as you finish all of 1 movement before moving on! Get after it!

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