Friday 130517

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
7 Muscle-ups

Post results to comments and BTWB.

Jim Duwve, all smiles.


Verve Athlete Profile: Jim Duwve

Where are you from?

I grew up in Cleveland Ohio. I left in 1978 to go to college in Melbourne, FL, beaches, bikinis and a drinking age of 18 were much more appealing than snow and gloomy weather. I joined the Navy in 1982 and spent the next ten years in Pensacola, Jacksonville and San Diego when I wasn’t deployed and sailing around.

How long have you been CrossFitting?

I started CrossFitting almost 8 years ago on the advice of my BJJ instructor. I was looking for a way to increase my endurance so that I could be competitive with the 20 year olds. I started by doing the main site WOD’s at Bally’s and risked being kicked out on a daily basis. I would take my homemade wall ball and hang my rings from the squat rack. That would drive the personal trainers crazy. I eventually turned my garage into a garage gym and worked out at home unit joining Verve in February of 2011.

 I took my Level 1 Cert and Colorado State Patrol Headquarters on Mother’s Day weekend of 2006. My instructors were Coach, Annie and Nicole. Tony Budding was filming the course and Skip and Jodi Miller were helping out.

 What is your favorite workout?

When I followed the main site we repeated WODs quite often. I become very comfortable with Cindy and that became my favorite. I’ve always enjoyed Murph and remember when it became the first Hero WOD. Body weight WODs were always my favorite because I was terrible at the OLY lifts. However, because of Verve’s emphasis on OLY lifting and Luke’s coaching I find I now look forward to WODs that include throwing weight around.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Besides trying to keep up with all my daughter’s activities I enjoy snowboarding, golf, water skiing and anything that involves sand, sun and a cold drink.

What is one of your best/favorite goals you have accomplished since you started CrossFit? 

My favorite accomplishment is probably going to sound shallow, but the ability to develop a solid core and have defined abs alluded me throughout 25 years of working out and athletic endeavors. It wasn’t until I discovered CrossFit that I was finally able to achieve that life long goal. 

As far as achievements go, I am just starting to reach new PR’s that have alluded me for years (getting a new shoulder really helps). Those PR’s are fueling a new desire to improve (I’ve fallen in love with OLY lifting) and re-focus my attention on form and technique verses speed. 

The one thing that I want to accomplish more than anything is a controlled handstand and the ability to walk on my hands.

Anything you would like to add?

I’d like to thank CrossFit Verve for continually evolving to meet the growing demands of their members. The excellent coaches, the dedication to quality instruction, the concern for your members overall well being and the flexibility to provide additional training opportunities through seminars, specialty classes and open gym. You have removed all excuses for us not to perform and improve to the best of our abilities while maintaining a safe and well-supervised learning environment.

Jim, it’s our pleasure to have you with us!



  1. Ali :

    Jim is awesome!!

  2. Leslie :

    Jim- show us your abs! 😉

  3. tim k :

    Jim….you are the man!

  4. Lamar :

    Jim…it’s awesome knowing you!!

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