Friday 130705

Shoulder Press
1.) Work up to a 2 RM
2.) Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes, 2 Shoulder Press @ 75% 2RM.
3.) As many reps as possible in  3 Minutes, shoulder press w/naked bar

Post weight to BTWB.

Josiah and Barbara, the Verve greeters for the day.

Today's post is going to cover a bunch of topics and bring you some tips on speed reading.  Yeh that's right speed reading.  Read on and you'll see.

Reminder that today we will be doing our run through Olympic Lifting meet.  At 2 PM we will be running a dry run of the type of environment you can expect to see in the Olympic meet coming up later on at CrossFit Roots.  We will go through warming up, performing on the platform, and staying warm between the lifts.  Bring your Olympic shoes, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and anything else you need to lift heavy weight with and we'll take care of the rest.  We'll have a sign up sheet and talk about the order and the amount of time for each lift.  This way you'll be prepared and know what to expect at Roots.

Second little bit of information and this is geared towards the newer members but also a reminder to our other members.  CrossFit Verve provides and online tracking tool for your workouts called Beyond the Whiteboard.  Check it out here.   BTWB.  All you have to do is go to the site, create a login, and select CrossFit Verve as your affiliate.  We will be sent an email notification that informs us you are looking to set up and account.  Once we approve you, you can begin tracking all your numbers through the system.  With our strength program in full swing, recording your numbers is very important.  If you interested in the online tracking tool, click the link in the paragraph and sign up.

Speed reading is amazing.  Did you see the scene in Good Will Hunting where Will is rifling through the therapist's book.  Yes it's the greatest movie all time but that's not the point.  The point is that speed reading is badass.  Well here's a link to an article and 20 minutes of exercise that's supposed to increase your reading speed by 300%.  Just think how quickly you could get through Luke's post and get to the funny part?  Here's the link, enjoy.  Speed Reading Link.


  1. Jeremy :

    "I read your book and, uh, Mike was having the same problems as Chad the stock broker was having."

  2. Jeremy :

    "What am I; sandwich welfare?  I think we should establish a good line of credit.  Like how you bought your couch- payment plans.  Remember how your mom brought in ten dollars everyday for a year and she finally got her couch, Rent-A-Center style?"

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