Friday 130726

Row 5K

​Post time to BTWB.

The calm before the push press storm.

Just think, our row today is only 16K less than Matt and Emmalee did on Wednesday.  Speaking of Matt and Emmalee, come in today for the row and watch them live as we will pull the rowers up front and have the Games streaming live all day.  After the row we will do some extended mobility and feel free to hang out and watch as long as you like.

Reminder that a week from Saturday is the 31 Heroes WOD being held at CrossFit Verve.  It's going to be an exciting and challenging workout and all the money goes to a great cause.  No drop in fees, please donate what you can instead.  We have heats on MBO, please sign up so we can plan accordingly.  For more information and to donate please click HERE.

Since we still have plenty of days remaining in the 300 days of sunshine Denver has every year here is some helpful information regarding foods that help protect you from the sun.  Click Here.  Here's a preview, dark chocolate is one of the foods.  


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    No Cherry Picking!

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