Friday 130913

5 rounds
1 min per station of:
Row for calories
Rest 30 secs
Handstand Walk for meters
Rest 30 secs
Bar Muscle Up for reps
Rest 30 secs

Post totals to BTWB


Ryan, you continue to make amazing progress, keep it up!

Hey Verve athletes, we have been invited to submit a team for a unique competition.  48 gyms across Colorado have been invited to participate in Conquer! Denver.  The two day competition will take place on Friday December 13th and Saturday December 14th. There will also be a party after the competition wraps up.

The team will be made up of 5 Men and 5 Women.  We are inviting all athletes who are interested in competing to try out for the competition.  We will have an in house competition on a Saturday on a date to be determined to decide the 5 Men and Women. Most likely we will have the in house competition at the end of October so we can have some time to train the team.  The trainers will program workouts that will test your overall fitness and we will decide the team based on the outcome of the in house competition.

The competition is at the Douglas County Event Center in Castle Rock.  This is the same location that hosted the Southwest Regional two years ago.  The cost for the competition is $100 per person, so $1000 per team.  There will be prizes awarded to the top 10 finishers.  The competition will begin Friday evening at 7 PM and continue Saturday at 12 PM.  The final workout will be at 9 PM Saturday and right after there will be a concert and party to celebrate the event.

If you are interested in participating send me an email at so I can get an idea of how many people are interested.  We have to RSVP by Saturday so we need an answer pretty quickly.

For more information click HERE. 

Look forward to hearing from you if you’re interested.


  1. anna :

    The website says teams of 3 men and 3 women, will there be alternates?

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