Friday 130927

As many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

250 M Row
10 Back Squats 135#(95)
30 Double Unders

Post reps to BTWB.

Last years GirlsGoneRx Champions. Let’s keep it in the Verve family again!

Alright CrossFit Verve, we have a big number of our female athletes participating in the Girls Gone RX competition tomorrow, Saturday September 28th.  We need as many of you that have time to show up and support these ladies.  The competition is at CrossFit Eminence which is located at 864 E. 78th Avenue in Thorton.  Their location is about a 10 minute drive from CrossFit Verve and it’s very easy to find.  If you have some spare time on Saturday and want to support a great cause and see a ton of your Verve friends in action, please be sure to swing by.  Wear your Verve gear and show your support.  These ladies put a lot of time in ,not only preparing their fitness, but also their amazing attire for the competition.

Don’t forget that we will be celebrating all these competitors as well as the rest of our Verve family that same evening at Mile High Spirits.  Our athletes will be showing up from 7PM on.  Should be an excellent day so please try to make both events.

The heat times, team names, and competitors are listed below.

Courtney, Robyn, and Ali are Bonkers for Honkers
WOD 1 = 8:50
WOD 2 = 11:20
WOD 3 = 2:50

Linda and Friends are Twisted Tattas
WOD 1 = 9:30
WOD 2 = 12:20
WOD 3 = 3:20

Addie, Meghan, and Sarah Lev are He Haw Hotties
WOD 1 = 10:40
WOD 2 = 1:40
WOD 3 = 4:00

Emmalee, Anna, and Edie are the Boobie Buccaneers
WOD 1 = 11:00
WOD 2 = 2:00
WOD 3 = 4:10

Fernanda, Angela, and Amy are We Care About Your Pair
WOD 1 = 11:00
WOD 2 = 2:00
WOD 3 = 4:10

Send them some love by wishing them all good luck in the comments.


  1. James (O.G.) :

    If y’all put as much time into training as you did thinking up your team names, you will certainly dominate this competition. Good luck everyone!

  2. joey begg :

    Good luck y’all!!

  3. slaughter :

    So proud of all these ladies. Kill it girls! Weather pending i’ll be there! Sending you fine ladies good thoughts. Kill it!!!

  4. Clancy :

    Good luck to everyone…look forward to hearing stories at Mile High Spirits Saturday Night…

  5. emily :

    Hi all!
    I am wanting to head up there by noon o’clock is…anyone interested in carpooling?

  6. Leslie :

    What a difference a year makes! Good luck ladies! I will stop by to cheer you on- Emily I might be interested in carpooling. How long are you staying?

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