Friday 131004

30m Overhead walking lunge, 65# (45#)

5 rounds of:
5 Deadlifts 245#(165#)
10 Toes to bar

Then, 30m Overhead walking lunge 65#(45#)

Post times to BTWB.

Kent getting full extension on his kettlebell swings

If you had to ditch your cell phone, tablet, or computer for a day; could you?  I know most of us rely on our gadgets for work with emails and phone calls or for updating our awesome workout results on Facebook or Twitter, but did you know that the technologies that make our lives so much easier could also be leading to added stress and even causing us to lose sleep?  According to a recent study people that use their cell phone a lot (defined as receiving and answering 11 phone calls or texts a day) are more likely to struggle with sleep issue.  STUDY HERE.

The common argument is that these devices are  how you stay connected with what’s happening in the world and with your friends and family.  Did you know that although many people say staying connected via their phone or tablet helps them multi-task, it doesn’t boost productivity, in fact it’s simply a way to procrastinate and inhibits formation of short term memories.  ANOTHER STUDY HERE

Experts aren’t saying that you need to ditch social media and smart phones and start writing letters again, but rather taking a break and unplugging is a needed rest break and a way to help combat stress.   Think about how bad you panic when your phone doesn’t have a signal or when you get upset because your Twitter feed won’t load?

I for one check my phone and email way too much, and although it’s a difficult habit to break, after reading the article this blog is referenced from, there seems to be some merit to taking a break each day.

The article is on the longer side but a good read if you find yourself addicted to your smart phone and are interested in a way to unplug if only for a few minutes a day.  READ ARTICLE HERE.

Just a little FYI, there is a road race that will be running down Walnut St on Sunday.  There will be some road closings between 6 am and 12 pm. Larimer St will be open, but plan on a few extra minutes for your commute to Verve on Sunday morning.

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