Friday 131206

Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
21 Kettlebell Swings 24kg(16kg)
12 Pull-ups

Post time to BTWB.

Shane working during the CrossFit Total

Have you all heard of Tim Ferris?  He’s the author behind the 4 Hours series of books including; The 4 Hour Work Week, The 4 Hour Body, and the 4 Hour Chef.  I enjoy his writing and a lot of his tips and ideas because who wouldn’t like to have more time to accomplish all the tasks we have to get through on a daily or weekly basis.  I was recently reading an article on the FastCompany website about his new challenge.  He’s attempting to master a new skill in less than a week.  Now I  realize with the best teachers and a full week to concentrate on only the task you are attempting to learn, learning said task becomes extremely easier than if you or I was trying to learn the same task in the middle of our everyday lives.  The reason I’m writing about this is part of the article discusses the importance of taking mental breaks in the same way we take rest days when we feel our body just needs one.

“When people think of mental activity, they tend to think of it as an ethereal zapping of electricity that has no cost to the body. That’s not true, the brain is a massive blood and oxygen sink. You need stimulus and recovery in mental work in the same way that you need stimulus and recovery for sports. Just as you have physical over-training in the weight room, there is mental over-training with too much time in front of a screen or thousands of small minute to minute decisions over time with no rest. This contributes to biological duress. When this happens you’re not adapting, you’re actually degrading performance.”  Tim Ferris.

The point being that we are constantly trying to learn and teach ourselves new things all the time, whether it be in the gym or in our work life and we need to recognize that our mental activity requires rest days just as much as our physical activity does.  Unless of course you have the mind of a Jedi like Luke P does.  Then rest is for the weak.

The article is pretty interesting and speaks more to the what the above is referenced from.  Check it out HERE.


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