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Pull Up (Weighted) 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post weights to BTWB

Guess who loves bicep curls?

Alright boys and girls, starting tonight is The Conquer Denver CrossFit Competition at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock.  So far they have released a 4 of the supposed 15 workouts that will be going down.  There is a USAW sanctioned lifting meet going down as well as a partner 6K row.  Most of the workouts are one guy one girl, but there are a few scheduled for the entire team.  

The schedule for Friday is as follows:

4-6:30 Team check in, need to tell us your 10 team members at this time. Not everyone has to be there at once, but everyone will have to sign a waiver before they compete!
6:45-8 “C2B and 4 Square” 1Girl/1Guy 8 Minute Cut Off
8:15-9:15 “Jumbo’s Triple” 1Girl/1Guy Together 15 Minute Cut Off
9:30-10 “SS Isa Partner Style” 1Girl/1Guy Together 8 Minute Cut Off
10:15-12:30 AM “Chippa What Chippa Who” All 10 Athletes Go, 3 Heats in between DJ Sets

Yeh you’re reading that correctly, the first night goes until 12:30 AM and there will be DJ sets going on as well.  I’m curious to see it all go down too.  

Saturday is as follows:

10-11:00 Olympic Weightlifting Meet weigh in.
11-12:15 “Double Trouble” 1Girl/1Guy 8 Minute Cut Off
12-3:00 Olympic Weightlifting Meet
12:30-1:15 “Underrated” 1Girl/1Guy Together 12 Minute Cut Off
1:40-2:25 “Quad-ra-fry” 1Girl/ 1Guy Together 12 Minute Cut Off
2:50-3:50 “Raising the Bar” 1Girl/1Guy 7 Minute Cut Off
3:30-4:50 “Row, Row, Row your Boat” 1Girl/1Guy
4:15-5:30 “Snatches and Balls” 1Girl/1Guy 8 Minute Cut Off
5:55-6:25 “So Lets Complex” 1Girl/1Guy Together 7 Minute Cut Off
6:50 DINNER BREAK (Jumpin Rope Exhibition and The Amazing Ian Drum Solo)
7:30-8 “Death by P/T” 2 Girls/2Guys Together 7 Minute Cut Off
8:10-8:55 “Grace Who” 1Girl/1Guy Together 11 Minute Cut Off
9:15-10:15 FINAL TEAM WORKOUT “Get Outta My Way”
The 10 Highest ranked teams Pick 3 girls and 3 guys to
Alternate through the workout. 25 Minute Cut Off
10:30 Awards Ceremony Immediately followed by Concert

As you can see Saturday is quite a full day and there should be a ton of action going down.  They are also having a bunch of spectator workouts with cash prizes.  They will be serving refreshments throughout and it should be a competition and party atmosphere.  If  you have a chance come by.  For information about the venue, click HERE.


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    so tough…I mean TUFF!

  2. emily :

    Also, Kick some booty Verve team!!!!!! think STRONG

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