Five rounds for time:

3 Snatch, 75# (55#)

15 Overhead squats, 75# (55#)

400m Run

Post time to comments.


Britt and Emily pushed it hard during the Bear/Row WOD on Wednesday.

Have you fallen off the Paleo wagon?  Don't fret, you've got 3 whole weeks until your "after" picture is taken and the photos are passed off to the judges.  The stakes are high folks – first prize is two months free at CFV, a t-shirt, and a $50 gift card to the grocery store of your liking.  Second and third prize are equally exciting, so get after it.  If you need an hour with your trainers to discuss nutrition, please do not hesitate to email us with a request for some 1-on-1 time.  Maybe it's time to put the results on fast forward and start Zoning while maintaining a Paleolithic diet.

Here it is; the top ten t-shirt ideas (in no particular order).  Cast your vote to comments.  If you have one last moment of creativity, please submit your slogan to comments.

1. Redefining fitness
2. Supplying pain for your gain
3. Going to hell?  Be prepared!
4. We are CrossFit Verve – I am stronger than yesterday!
5. As mentally and physically abusive as your first husband
6. Near death experience – 5 rounds for time
7. "Get on board… you've been warned" – Noah
8. I do CrossFit
9. Life: AMRAP
10. Verve (n): 
    1. Archaic: special ability or talent
    2a. The spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance
    2b. Energy, vitality


  1. Dan :

    1. Near death experience- 5 rounds for time
    2. Life: AMRAP
    My write-in vote isn’t mine, but I’ve seen Cherie (?) post it on here before: Stronger than Yesterday.

  2. anthony :

    number 5

  3. Matt :

    Thataboy Antione! Bosley misses you. I however, do not. I kid.. I kid.

  4. James :

    As a first husband, I really have to object to 5. I’m nowhere near as abusive as Crossfit.
    I think we shouldn’t be allowed to vote for our own submissions — which means Tammer’s not allowed to vote for any of them — so I’m voting for “supplying pain for your gain.”

  5. TAMMER :

    I can’t vote for just one! (5) I love all my little quotes equally.(5) So I hope the best one wins! (5) Take care! (5) Looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD! (5) FIVE!

  6. jaRed :

    #6: Near Death Experience – 5 rounds for time.
    If it matters, 2nd choice is: Life: AMRAP
    The “husband” comment is certainly the funniest, however it suggest understanding only from the listening of a battered, misunderstood, emotional basket-case of an x-wife… Well, what about the hospitalized one that cant see to read out of her black eyes… Politically incorrect yet? My opinion has been heard.
    On a different note, 3 exciting things occurred today! 1. Progress on the gorilla project/back-piece was accomplished today. 2: I just discovered THE BEST paleo dinner in the world this evening! However we still need to master and compil instructions to post. It is AMAZING! 3. I was so excited about the delicious meal I forgot the third one. When you eat it, you will think you are cheating!
    I am very excited for the T-Shirt!

  7. tiffany :

    in this order: 9, 6, 2
    i still love the definition of verve…but it would have to be shortened and tweaked to be a good shirt in my opinion…
    i have to agree about the first husband idea…as truly funny as it is…i have to give it a -1 vote. after having volunteered at a women’s shelter where abused wives seek refuge from their partners and witnessing the trauma and pain these women (and children) go through, i literally wince everytime i read it. it is hilarious for many but i think it would be very unpleasant to see for those who have experienced abuse out there in the public.
    just wanted to put one more perspective out there.
    have a great day all!!!! =)

  8. tiffany :

    Verve (n): 1. energy, vitality 2. the spirit animating a performance
    Crossfit Verve: Giving (it) everything we’ve got, every single time.
    **then add one of the many many pics of a group splayed out on the floor after the WOD….=)**

  9. Rich :

    I would like to submit my vote for number 6, its very fitting!

  10. Emmalee :

    I like 6 ,9 ,10 in that order

  11. Joylyn :

    I’m torn between these two
    Supplying pain for your gain &
    Life: AMRAP

  12. Luke :

    #8, with #9 being a close second.

  13. Anna :

    Okay guys lets not get too seroius, gees. So for my vote I love #3, 6, and 9. #3 is my fav!!!
    Emmalee, are you still planning on meeting us at st 66, hwy 7 and I 25? Fine if not just wondering. We would love to carpool with yall meeting with Mas and Joylyn, but Alan does not get off until 7a. So we would probaly be 20 minutes behind ya. What do you all think?

  14. Cherie :

    I like 8 but changed to
    I am CrossFit

  15. Elizabeth Huff :

    6, 3, and 8 with Cherie’s modifications.
    And as much as I love 5, I will defer to Tiffany’s judgement on the matter.

  16. Luke :

    Zac, and for anyone else who’s curious, here’s a link to Chris Brown’s instructions for the EmerFit Games
    And, I also like 8 with Cherie’s modification. Word.

  17. Alan :

    I really don’t mean to stir the pot too much…but I was asked to revise my T-shirt idea, and repost. I can’t change the font here under comments…so you have to go to this link to see my idea.

  18. Alan :

    I imagine that typed in large letters covering the entire back of a tee-shirt. Maybe have CrossFit Verve logo on the front chest.

  19. Matt :

    I guess I like #5 the most, but can understand the sensativity to the phrase. So in that case, I think I like the modified #8 – I am CrossFit

  20. Hey everybody. Greetings from Guayaquil Ecuador. Here’s my vote in order:
    5, 8(modified), 6 9
    …so hard to choose!
    I’ve gotta say that I miss the Verve down here big time. The Ecuadorians look at me like I’m crazy in crampt muggy little gym that I’ve been going to but at least they have a roman chair (the reason I can barely walk today). If you guys didn’t know, Sara is going to be traveling with me down here in May, so we’ll make sure to get some really good crossfit pics. promise.
    Miss you all!!!

  21. TAMMER :

    Ok, I was just going to leave it alone but COME ONE GUYS! Sensitivity? PC?
    WE ARE CROSSFIT! Its not some Tae-Bo Jazzercise non-sense with weak members feelings. Crossfit was founded on “Pukey the Clown” and “Uncle Rhabdo,” talk about controversial! A clown, whose kidneys spilled on the floor from rhabdomyolysis!?
    Greg Glassman Founder of Crossfit Even quoted:
    “It can kill you,” he said. “I’ve always been completely honest about that.”
    Here are a few other slogans from other CF gyms.
    “Getting fit, even if it kills you”
    “Fit Happens”
    “A cult without the crazy leader”
    “Stop sucking at life’
    “Fran sucks; Angie blows!”
    “Blowing Chunks ‘Cause We Like It”
    And my favorite:
    “No whiners allowed”
    Being PC is why you have to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas!”
    “I am Crossfit!” HEAR ME ROAR! WOW we are so hardcore!
    I am not saying vote for 5, yeah its a bit racey. As much as I like it, I laughed when I saw it on top 10.
    I liked Alan’s from the beginning but was worried it would be too long. Although, I do like the revised with fonts a lot.
    Here is one last crossfit t-shirt idea:
    If your offended, well at least I can state how I feel instead of being PC.

  22. Alan :

    Saw it on another crossFit site…but going along with….well…Todays’ Tammer theme…
    CrossFit Verve…Don’t Worry, You’ll Pass Out Before It Kills You!

  23. Tiff :

    hey peeps and tammer =)
    for the record: not offended, nor a lover of pc.
    i don’t care about PC…I own and wear a fart shirt (F<3) bc i think it's hilarious (bodily functions just are) and i love the reactions it gets.
    however, i do believe highly in compassion.
    if you love 5, vote for 5 for crying out loud!!!! it's just a t-shirt. i don't think i'm preaching for pc-ness or even taking it that seriously....
    just wanted to put another perspective out there for folks to consider.
    i myself would not wear the shirt if it was voted in, but i wouldn't give a crap if anyone else wore fact i know i'd laugh if i saw it out on the street.
    whew...i feel better.
    crossfit verve: we run our mouths off as much as our asses....well, at least tiff does. =)

  24. James :

    I’m not a big fan of PC, but there’s a line between being PC and being hurtful. Pukey and Rhabdo, whether in poor taste or not, are far from hurtful. Same with the other Crossfit slogans. A t-shirt that makes light of abused women can be hurtful to people and wouldn’t be something that I would choose to wear publicly.
    That having been said, if others like it, have at it. To paraphrase Voltaire, I wouldn’t wear your shirt but I will defend to the death your right to wear it.

  25. Emily :

    Near Death Experience is my vote for sure – especially having a degree in Transpersonal Psychology, I dig the realms of altered states.
    I wouldn’t wear #5, but love how James and Voltaire said it above – I support your right to wear it!

  26. TAMMER :

    Damn, it got awkward in here! LOL!! Totally not mad at ANY body! Promise! I think we should have Murph tomorrow to release some of this tension in here.

  27. Mark Atkinson :

    I like number 8…with the modification

  28. Britt :

    I LOVE #6!
    My second love is Alan’s fan-freakin’-tastic riff (in multiple fonts) that literally says it all about CrossFit.
    I’m in agreement with others about #5. Free To Be You And Me, but i wouldn’t choose to wear that slogan…
    Excited to see what wins!

  29. Amy Schaeffer :

    NOt only would I wear number five but I would also accessorize with brass knuckles and a forty.
    It seems however, no one else would wear number five so my other choice is 3.
    I also have a slew of my own ideas but I think they are a little too controversial. After all, my favorite word is fuck.

  30. Joylyn :

    I really love Alan’s too! I like how it incorporates the “Stronger than Yesterday” because that is how I feel leaving the gym after each WOD.
    Anyhow, I’m at work, but wanted to post about tomorrow. It sounds like Mas, Emmalee, and Luke are meeting (anyone else may join) at Verve by 0700 to start heading north to Fort Collins for Emerfit Games. Along the way up I-25, they may meet up with Anna, Alan and myself. Alan–I’m REALLY hoping this giant storm tonight is a joke and we both have a quiet night at work!
    Anyone else wanna join the kiddie carpool in the morning? The more the merrier in a snowstorm!

  31. tiffany :

    i’ll see you all in the fort! will be down there for some family fun as well this weekend so no carpool….

  32. Sean :

    Near death experience – 5 rounds for time

  33. Emily :

    My second favorite is Alan’s cool list of descriptives in the fun fonts.

  34. gerson :

    going with #6… yeah thats about right!

  35. Jen :

    Votes: 6, 9, 2.
    Better late than never!
    I still like the saying “the only easy day was yesterday”. Maybe I’ll make my own t-shirt!
    I am getting shirts for Tiff and I that have our names on them so Luke is able to root us on appropriately!! 🙂

  36. Jeff McD :

    Don’t know if it’s too late, but after reading the WOD for tues 4/7, the last sentence hit me like a Mack Truck.
    Have the front say: Crossfit Verve
    then the back say: There is no other choice

  37. Hi there, we use “Fitness Redefined” as our tag. We were looking at “Redefining fitness” too. Cool that another affiliate had the same idea.
    Good luck!

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