Friday 140124

For time:

Run 1 mile
Rest 6 minutes
Run 800 meters
Rest 4 minutes
Run 400 meters
Rest 2 minutes
As many double unders as possible in 3 minutes

Post time to BTWB.

Alright boys and girl, I know plenty of you have expressed interest in the In House Competition and there has been some confusion regarding the In House Competition and the Verve Regional team so I’m going to use today’s post to clear up a few things.

The In House Competition is February 8th and it’s one day.  It will start at around 12 and run until we finish, think 4 PM.  Each team will be guaranteed 2 WOD’s and a floater.  The top 3 teams in each division will then have a final workout that will determine the winners. The fee to enter is $40 per team.  You must register by no later than Tuesday January 28th.  

If you want to do the competition but don’t have a partner, use the comments section to submit your name.  We can partner you up on the day of or you can simply communicate with others via the comments section.  So far we have a few teams in each division but we are looking to have as many people involved as possible.  If you are competing, plan on also being a judge during the competition.

As for the CrossFit Verve Regional team, the In House Competition has nothing to do with the Regional team.  Once the OPEN starts, we will use the Friday workout programmed by HQ as one part of the qualifier for Regionals, the same as we’ve done the previous two years.  In addition to the Friday workout, we will also be using our own programmed Tuesday workout as a qualifier. Similar to Friday’s OPEN workout, we will run the following Tuesday the same way.  We will have heats and if you’re interested in competing for Verve at Regionals you’ll have to submit a score sheet for Tuesday’s workout as well as the OPEN workout.  Don’t worry, we’ll have score sheets for both so that’ll be covered.  This will go on for only the 5 weeks of the OPEN season.  After the 5 weeks is over we will take the top 4 men and women and those will be the Verve team for Regionals.  We will select the 3 women and men to compete once the Regional workouts have been announced and we’ve had a chance to practice them.  

I know there was some confusion or may still be some, so if there is please email me at and I’ll try to clear everything up.  

If you haven’t yet, please register for the OPEN HERE

Big props to our athletes competing this weekend at Winter WODFest.  For directions to the venue, click on the link.  Wish them luck here on the comments!

Saturday at CrossFit Eminence
Meghan and Molly Heats at 8:40am, 11:30am and 3:30pm

Sunday in the pool
Molly and Meghan Heats at 8:15am, 11:45am


  1. Linda Kiker :

    Good luck WODFest competitors!! Get it

  2. Jason A :

    I’d like to compete in the open division, just need a partner.

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