Friday 140207

For time:
50 Burpee/Push Up/Jumping Jack/Sit Up/Handstands

Post time to BTWB.

Nettina getting ready for a little deadlift action.

Tomorrow, Saturday February 8th is the Verve In House Competition.  I’m asking that teams show up around 11:30 AM and please try not and disturb the 11 AM class.  There will be plenty of time to warm up and get ready for the first workout.

The first workout will be announced at 12:00 pm and the first heat will go at around 12:20.  The RX division will judge the Open division and vice versa.  This will give us plenty of judges and no conflict of interest, not that there would be any.  The ultimate goal is to have fun during the competition.  We will go over movement standards and what to watch for as far as range of motion.

I took all your suggestions for movements you’d like to see and have constructed workouts that used the most requested movements. We will go over everything in the beginning briefing of the workouts and we’re going to try to stick to a tight timeline so we can hopefully have the winner take all workout go off at as close to 3:15 pm as possible.

If you have not paid yet, please bring cash or a check with you tomorrow.  We can’t charge your account and cash is preferred so we can give it out as prizes.

Competitors, please bring your jump ropes, long socks, any type of shoe you could potentially wear, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, and anything else you may need.  

If you are not competing and would like to come and watch or even judge please show up at 12:00 pm.  I will have heat assignments and who is judging whom all taken care of so there is little to no confusion.

If you have any questions prior to Saturday please email me at or see my assistant Luke and he can schedule some time for me.  



  1. Ali :

    Sounds fun! I made some paleo treats and will also have some nice Crisp Apple Cider beer ready to help hydrate me:)

  2. luke :

    Yeah Eric’s address can probably be found in MindBody if you need a appointment. P.S. I want being Eric’s assistant on my bio.

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