Friday 140214

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

Post weight to BTWB.


Joannie with some pistols using a little help from her band.

It’s Valentines Day, what did you get me?  Nothing.  Shocking, but not really.

As you all know by now we do a ton of mobility in our classes, whether it’s before we workout or after we are done.  More mobility can always be done.  You know when you say things similar to, “Man this is painful”, well that means we could stand to do a little more of it.  Time may not always allow us to do it in class, but you can always stay a little later or come a little earlier if your schedule allows.  I’m going to make it a reoccurring theme on the blog to post some good tips for mobility that can be done on your own either at your home or even at your office, provided you’re cool with crazy stares from your co-workers.  Lacrosse ball in the glutes can draw a few crazed looks from the people you work with.

I’m constantly watching Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD and applying a lot of his teachings to our classes.  The man is an expert and comes up with simple ways to improve body positioning.  Highly recommend you checking out his site or his book, Becoming a Supple Leopard.  

The below video is for all our athletes that spend multiple hours each day sitting at a desk.  As he references most of us sit in chairs that may actually be below parallel and therefore we are in a squat position all day.  The video gives two simple exercises that you can do to improve your hip positioning.  Watch the video and apply these to your day.



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