Friday 140328

On a 7 minute clock (8min clock)
Row 1000 meters
with remaining time complete max reps power cleans 95#(65#)

rest 5 minutes

On a 7 minute clock (8min clock)
Row 1000 meters
with remaining time max reps med ball cleans 20#(14#)

Post reps to BTWB

Crossfit Verve 475x614 Friday 140328

14.5 going down with a bash tomorrow!

Alight ladies and gentlemen as many of you have heard or maybe you have seen the flyers around the gym, but we will NOT be doing Open workout 14.5 tomorrow in the classes.  We have a special celebration in store for 14.5 and it will be taking place on Saturday.  Progenex will be in town and the are planning a bash for us to celebrate all our accomplishments over the past 5 weeks.  Saturday will be the day to come in get your 14.5 on.

We will be running heats to better organize and plan so please check out MBO and sign yourself up for one of the heats.  We are opening the Verve doors to the entire CrossFit community for FREE so if you’ve been doing the Open and want to come celebrate another successful start to the season, please stop by.

We will not be charging drop in fees and we are hoping to get as many local CrossFitters as possible to come and participate.  The first heat will begin warming up at 9:00 am so please be on time as we are going to try and keep things running as smoothly as possible.  Come join us to sweat, cheer, and celebrate!  Free food, drinks, prizes and schwag.

Here is a link to MBO to sign yourself or a friend up.  

If you can’t make it in on Saturday then please schedule time during Open Gym on Friday, Saturday, or Monday in order to get your workout judged and validated.  

Again NO Open Workout 14.5 on Friday, instead a special BASH to celebrate on Saturday.  Hope you can all make it and please leave comments if you have questions.

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