Friday 140404

Complete as many round as possible in 20 minutes:

10 Strict handstand push-ups
20 Strict pull-ups
30 Alternating jumping lunges

Post results to comments or BTWB

Skill Levels poster Friday 140404

The Levels are designed to provide a general fitness perspective, to help set appropriate goals, and to allow focus work on weak areas that result in the rewarding mastery of activities you couldn’t do before.

The 2014 Crossfit Open has come and gone and has left many of us wondering “Where do I go from here?”.  Many Verve athletes competed for the first time, others had their best year yet, and others had a fast descent into reality of some weakness they may have.  We all have probably set one common goal: TO DO BETTER NEXT YEAR THAN WE DID THIS YEAR.  How do we start setting goals to make this happen?  What skills do I need to work on to better my placement, qualify for the Verve team, or qualify as an individual?  The chart listed above courtesy of Crossfit Seattle, helps us to identify a broad, general fitness perspective to see where we excel and where we have opportunities in our training.

The CrossFit levels listed above are not an end-all-be-all or any guarantee of making the CrossFit Games if you fall into the Elite category, but it does provide us a road map of where we want to be moving towards.  First, print this chart out and see where you currently are, knowing that you may be at different levels with different modalities. Second, identify the areas where you fall into lower levels.  Third, set goals to work towards moving to the next level.  Lastly, work on your weaknesses EVERY DAY.  If you aren’t sure as to how to work on your weaknesses, talk to one of the trainers to help build a daily routine.

This worksheet is one of MANY tools you can use to start setting goals to set The Open on fire next year.  Other great resources, aside from the illustrious trainers here at Verve, are:

The CrossFit Goal Setting Youtube channel – Great videos broken into bite-size pieces to help you focus on your goals

Lululemon Goal Setting Great goal setting outline for not only CrossFit, but L.I.F.E.

Matt Chan will be hosting a Free Nutrition Workshop on Wednesday, April 9 at 7pm.  No classes at that time, but please join us for a spirited  and entertaining discussion regarding advanced Zoning.  Dial in your nutrition people!  It’s the foundation of your fitness!  Sign up on MBO.

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