Friday 140411

6 Intervals of:

2:00 of the following work:
12 Medball cleans
6 Hand stand push ups
As many reps as possible of  Muscle Ups
Rest 2:00

Post reps and rounds to comments or BTWB

Wonder what Jamey and Ali’s personal mantra was during monster walks?

“I’m good enough, I’m strong enough, and gosh darn it, people like me” 

I had the opportunity to attend the Crossfit Competitors Course this past weekend.  First let me say, I HIGHLY recommend attending that course if you have any interest in competing, coaching, or just motivating you to achieve your goals. Second, the topic of positive self-talk and the power of thought was discussed.  I am an admitted culprit of mentally abusing myself like a red-headed step-child if a workout isn’t going my way, so this topic was of great interest to me.

During the discussion, Matt Chan mentioned having a personal mantra to keep you focused when things are going haywire. Example: When you are in on your fifth round of a 400 meter run just after doing 20 over-the-bar burpees and all you want to do is walk around the last corner, a personal mantra can snap you back to reality and keep you focused on your ultimate goal. After looking online and researching this topic, crossfit979 had some great information on setting and using your very own personal mantra.  Here are some details on setting your personal mantra:

What is a mantra? A mantra is a sound, word, or phrase used to aid in meditation or to snap you back into focus at any point in time.

Why create a mantra? This is a great tool for reminding us why we are diving into the suck of a workout and pushing ourselves beyond a level we think we can achieve.  Mantra’s can influence our subconscious to keep us moving on.   By repeating your mantra over and over, in some cultures hundreds of times a day, you program your subconscious to always have your intentions in your head and it begins to influence the actions you take throughout each day.

We encourage you to define and utilize a personal mantra for yourself. Think about the stresses in your life, the goals you have to overcome them, and the things you want to achieve and create a phrase you can use to focus your intentions. Remember that your mantra should be personal, it should be 1-5 words that are meaningful to you. Your mantra should be written in a manner that is similar to your own verbiage; if you’re not a Greek philosopher and don’t speak latin, your mantra probably should not have that in it.  Your mantra should be a motivator, or a reminder of who you want to be or what you want to accomplish this year or could define your dreams, goals and passions.  The key is that it has meaning, it defines you and expresses the things you are going after.

“Create your mantra, program your mind, and get ready to be the best you’ve been in your entire life! The power of a mantra is immense!”

Here are some great examples of  of some mantra’s that you can feel free to claim as your own:
“I am enough”
“I have come this far, I can go all the way”
“Yesterday I did, today I do, tomorrow I will”
“No regrets”
“Keep Breathing”
“I am stronger than I was yesterday”
“I will beat Clancy” 

Take a second to write your personal mantra in the comments below.



  1. Danni :

    Great post! When I start to feel discouraged, or frustrated, my mantra is “Time to just have fun”. If I know that I am no longer putting the pressure on myself, it seems to take the mental block away, and I end up completing what I started (even if it is wallball 🙂 ). No sense in doing something we don’t enjoy!

    • Anna :

      YAA! I like that. I have started to think “No matter what, I am getting a good workout”. Keep it light and fun:)

  2. Scotty :

    I really love the last mantra. The only problem is I would hate to hurt his feelings. I guess I’ll just “let him” keep dominating all the time. I’m a giver, what can I say. 🙂

  3. Linda Kiker :

    Sometimes I think: “It’s okay, you’re not gonna die today” 🙂

  4. Rachel :

    Hmmm, I should have read this prior to pouting through the muscle up mods this morning.

  5. Jorge :
  6. James (O.G.) :

    “Try not to poop yourself.” This has the added benefit of reminding me to squeeze my buttcheeks.

  7. Pottsie :

    “Whatever I ‘it’ is, at least I’m moving.” And since I went overboard with CF for several years and am feeling the knee pain, etc… I remind myself that my only competition is me. I am not a competitive athlete so I don’t have to obsess like one to maintain my gains/losses. There is a balance that can be found. I don’t HAVE to prove I’m the strongest female in class. It does not matter one way or another. Better form at a lower weight is what’s best for my bones.

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