Friday 140418

For time:

10 Snatch 135# (95#)
50 Double-unders
8 Snatch
40 Double-unders
6 Snatch
30 Double-unders
4 Snatch
20 Double-unders
2 Snatch
10 Double-unders

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Jon looking like most of us when we are on the computer. (That is Cherie in the background with fabulous posture)

For many of us, we spend many hours per day or week working on a computer.  We are on the computer for work, fun, Instagram/Facebook (the latter more than likely).  All of these hours, sitting with poor posture, can lead to Postural Kyphosis.  Don’t be afraid, you won’t look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the witch in Snow White, but Postural Kyphosis has many adverse affects that you are probably experiencing now.  When we sit in bad posture with our shoulders rolled forward and head looking down towards your screen, much like Jon in the picture above, we open ourselves up to a plethora of painful symptoms.  For example, when the shoulders roll forward and internally rotate, the chest muscles tighten and the back muscles loosen, giving us the “douchebag shoulder” appearance.  YOU DON’T WANT THAT.  When we look down at our screen, our head sits forward from our midline.  Fun Fact: Sitting or standing with  your head sitting just 3 inches forward, your neck muscles are holding 42 pounds of added weight.  Are you wondering why your neck and shoulders are sore?

How do I fix this?
The following is just going to address proper positioning of the upper  back.  I will leave the lower back/hips for a future post.
First, the shoulders are a direct reflection of the angle of your rib cage.  Think of the rib cage as more of a sphere that your shoulder rotate around, not a boxy cage.  Test this out: Without even moving your shoulders, roll your rib cage forward by dropping your chest slightly.  Now, turn your chest up towards the ceiling slightly.  What did your shoulders do? This is the first way to fix Postural Kyphosis.  Make sure your rib cage is straight up and down by making sure your ear, shoulders, and hips are in a straight line. Take a look in a mirror if you need to, or have your creepy cube-mate take a picture.
Second, ensure your forearms and wrists are at approximately a 90 degree angle.  When that angle closes, generally our shoulders move towards our ears.  When that angle opens up, the shoulders roll forward. NAUGHTY NAUGHTY.
Lastly, make sure your screen is slightly below eye level, and you are not cranking your neck looking down at it.  Reference the picture below for ideal screen set up.

If your desk at work or at home is not set up like this, make some changes to make it happen.  Raise your screen up by putting books underneath it.  Invest in an adjustable chair, or better yet, a 55cm fitness ball.  Email if you would like some easy recommendations for customizing your desk to decrease Postural Kyphosis symptoms.  Better yet, post a picture of your fabulous-self below sitting at your desk and we can all critique you!!

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  1. Ali :

    Great post! I needed this cause I know my position at my desk is less than spectacular.

    • Anna :

      I need to post a picture of that diagram right by my screen because I can find myself in the WORST posture. I must get REALLY into my work;)

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