Friday 140613

For load:

Hang snatch 3-3-3-3-3
Bench press 5-5-5
Snatch grip deadlift 5-5-5

Post load to comments or BTWB

Jim using his fitness for some gymnastics!  What is he flying into and why is that guy smiling??

Jim using his fitness for some gymnastics! What is Jim flipping into and why is that guy smiling??



How many of us have ever done a lift or a workout when the limiting factor was not our lower or upper body strength but our grip?  I know I have, and it is the most frustrating experience!  Grip plays a larger role in our fitness than we realize, and having a stronger grip will positively affect our fitness.  A stronger grip can equal heavier lifts because if you can’t grip it, you can’t lift it, nor can you lift it several times.  A stronger grip can equal better endurance.  How?  When you are able to hold onto a heavier load for a longer time,  your muscles’ ability to exert effort over longer durations increases. A stronger grip also creates more torque and tension in the system.  The more torque and tension before a lift, the more muscles we can recruit for the lift.


Towel Chin Up – You will need a hand towel (no knots) and a pull-up bar.  Throw the towel over a pull up bar and do as many strict chin ups as you can.

Plate Pinches – Those are exactly as they sound.  Choose your weight for plates, preferably 25#, 35#, or 45# plates so there are not ridges to hold onto.  Pick a particular amount of time and number of sets and just hold the plates in a static hold.  Watch the sweat roll down your forehead, THIS ONE IS NO JOKE!

Power Hold – Set up the safety squat racks or J-cups on the pull-up cage to a level just below your knees.  Load a bar with some weight, a weight that is pretty challenging yet appropriately safe, lift the bar of the rack with arms extended and hold the bar…..that simple.  Do not use a switch grip, just an overhand grip.  Track your hold time, trying to go longer and heavier.

Bar Hang Yep, you got it right, hang from a bar for as long as you can.  Add a dumbbell between your legs if needed and hold in an overhand grip the whole time.

Fat Bar Training –  You can use them during open gym to perform lifts you would normally do with a regular bar, such as the deadlift, clean, bench press, wrist curls, and some bicep curls for Clancy!  Verve has 2 fat bars and are always available for use during open gym.  Please ask a trainer how to properly clip the weights because normal clips will not fit on the fat bar.

Rogue Pinch Grips – These grips hanging from the pull up structure can be used to work on your pinch grip strength.  They can also be removed and added to any apparatus such as dumbbells, kettle bells, barbell, etc.  These will feel similar to a plate pinch, just done in different plains and weighting options.  You can do static holds or pulls.

JUNE 18TH @ 7PM – COMPETITOR CLASS MEETING.  The program is getting revamped and restructured.  Please come to this meeting to see what the future holds and how to get involved in the new program.

JUNE 27th @ 5:30pm – Verve Happy Hour at Interstate Kitchen and Bar.  



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