Friday 140627

Hang Snatch 2-2-2-2-2
Bench Press 3-3-3
Snatch Grip Deadlift 3-3-3

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Either marching to the beat of their own drummer or working on that Posterior Chain?

Either marching to the beat of their own drummer or working on that Posterior Chain?

Thoughts turn into things…..

Recently, while perusing the CrossFit Journal, I came across and article Enemy Mind by Ed Tseng.  This article resonated with me because most of us have a strong tendency to allow negative thoughts to creep into our minds and take over, ultimately affecting our performance. All of the following will be key points and take aways from this article and I encourage you to read it in its entirety using the link above.

I can’t do this“, “Be prepared to come in last because you can’t compete with these guys“, “Maybe I can’t do this?“, “I don’t want to be here“. These are common thoughts that creep into EVERYONE’S head, elite or novice crossfitter.  Ask yourself a question: Do you remember when you had a GREAT workout?  How did you do it? You probably didn’t have to think twice about it and it just happened.  Now ask yourself the last time you had a bad workout.  What were your thoughts then?  You probably thought too much about the movements you couldn’t do, feeling you had to scale too much, or the workout was filled with movements you hate.  You can probably remember more what your thoughts were when you did poorly than when you did great.  Tseng discusses why these thoughts come into our head and not trying to control them, but merely how to ignore them and not let them affect your performance.  Here are some key points listed in the article:

#1 Thinking About Thoughts – When you wake up from a nightmare and realize it was just a nightmare, do you stress over it? Nope, it wasn’t real.  Dreams are thoughts we have when we are sleeping, so if we don’t care about them when we are sleeping, why do we care about them when we are awake?  Thoughts are not reality!  Will you have these thoughts? Yep.  Do you need to concern yourself with them? Nope.  The less you concern yourself with the negative thoughts, the less they pop into your head.

#2 Doing What Needs To Be Done – There are many days for all of us when we don’t feel like training, but the greatest athletes train anyway.  IT’S THE START THAT STOPS MOST PEOPLE.  Has there ever been a time you truly regretted showing up for a workout when you didn’t want to?

#3 Pat Attention of Disregard? – Try to remember the last 10 thoughts you had.  You can’t do it because that’s how quickly they enter and leave our minds when we choose not to stew on them.  Thoughts we give attention to can consume us, but those we allow to pass through have no power over us.  Think of it like a subway: If you are waiting for the C train, can you control whether the A, B, or D train come into the station? No, but you can control which train you get on.  If you pay no attention to the negativity in your mind, it will pass through.  

#4 Mastering The Mind – Have you ever felt like the clock, a stronger more experienced member, a failure, or a teammates’ reaction is the enemy?  The truth is, none of these things affect how you feel, the only thing that can affect how you feel is your thoughts.  Imagine you are in a bad mood and the clock is running down.  How do you feel? Anxious, angry. Now imagine your are in the zone, great mood, confident, and the clock is running down. How do you feel now? Motivated to move faster and switch to a higher gear.  The clock is not your enemy, it is your thoughts that are controlling how you feel that are your enemy.  It’s not what happening around you, it’s not what’s happening to you. What truly matters is what’s happening inside of you.

When you don’t concern yourself with unnecessary thoughts, you will naturally have more productive thoughts, perhaps something like this: In the words of Christmas Abbott “I am the baddest b*$#h in this place”.

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