Friday 140704

In teams of 2 complete the following (can break up anyway, one person works at a time):
200 Double unders
100 Wall balls 20#(14#)
20 Muscle Ups
100 Med ball cleans 20#(14#)
40 Burpee box jumps 30″(24″)
100 KB swings 1.5 pood(1 pood)
60 Handstand push-ups
200 Double unders

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Nothing more American than Captain America, Uncle Sam, and a bald Eagle!!! 'MERICA!!

Nothing more American than Captain America, Uncle Sam, and a bald Eagle!!! ‘MERICA!!


When you come in for the workout, wear your most patriotic outfit to celebrate America!! 


On this most patriotic of weekends, many of us will fall off of the nutrition bandwagon and partake in some less-than-favorable food items.  To lessen the blow on our systems, there are easy ways we can sneak in some green leafy veggies into our favorite naughty foods.

Green leafy vegetables are a nutrient-dense, fiber-filled, protein-packed food that you can virtually eat in limitless amounts.  They contain folate, carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin (which promote healthy vision), calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin’s K, C, E, and many B’s. Here are some tips for this weekend and moving forward on how to add more of these into your daily diet that do not include eating a HUGE salad several times per day:

BLENDING OR JUICING – Who says that Bloody Mary you are going to have can’t contain freshly-juiced Romain and Kale with some tomatoes and seasoning?  Green leafy vegetables don’t pack a bunch of flavor, so it is easy to add your favorite fruit or veggie for a flavor-packed punch.  Here is a great website for juicing recipes that include green leafy veggies.

BREAKFAST SCRAMBLES – As mentioned before, green leafy vegetables don’t ruin the flavor profile of your meal, so they are really easy to add to your eggs in a scramble or a bake.  You do not need to pre-steam or pre-cook them.  Add your greens towards the end of the cooking process and they will be the perfect texture.  When you are nursing a hangover this weekend from your delicious bloody mary’s and head to IHOP, have them add some spinach to your eggs and pancakes!

STEWS, CHILIS, AND SOUPS – You can chop any of the greens and simply add them to the recipe adding more color, texture, and visual interest to your pot.  Another great idea is to juice them and incorporate them into your base broth.  When you go to your July 4th Chili Cook Off with your mom’s favorite recipe in hand, sneak in a cup or two of spinach.

WRAPS INSTEAD OF TORTILLAS – Who doesn’t love a convenient, hand-wrapped pocket of deliciousness wrapped in a flour tortilla?  Another sneaky way to incorporate some greens is to forego the tortilla and use a Collard green leaf or a piece of Butter Lettuce.  Not only are they cheaper than tortillas, they are lard-free!

BURGER PATTIES AND MEATBALLS – No matter what mashed meat product you are making, you can add some spinach to the mix and enjoy some benefits.  This may not amount to a ton of greens but any little bit helps.

For more details and to read about all of the tips listed in this post, this article was found on  If you have any more ideas on how to sneak in more leafy greens into your diet, post them in the comments below.


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  1. Rob b :

    For another stupid easy way to add greens, throw some greens powder in that 12-16oz of water you’re drinkin 1st thing in the mronin.
    Greens plus makes the best ones i’ve found so far. Available at most whole foods, sprouts or prbly amazin

    Happy 4th!

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