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Ryan and Julio’s Wedding WOD
As many reps as possible in 14 minutes:
Complete 2 rounds of
13 wallballs
8 toes to bar
Max rep Power Snatch (95/65)

In a team of 2, one partner completes 2 rounds of wall balls and toes to bar while the other completes as many reps as possible of Power Snatches

Score = Total number of Power Snatches 

Post score to comments or BTW

Maybe Snooki will make an appearance for the Wedding WOD???

Maybe Snooki will make an appearance for the Wedding WOD???


Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a seminar given by Chris Hinshaw that discussed ways to train to build a resistance to fatigue and increase your endurance.  At first, I was intimidated because I thought he would just tell me to run….. run a lot.  I am not one who finds pleasure in running nor have I ever gotten the elusive “runners’ high”, but I thought it would be good to share any knowledge I gained.  Needless to say, my mind was blown!  The information that Coach Hinshaw shared was nothing that I had heard before but was everything I needed to hear.  I would like to share some key points with you to make you a ninja against fatigue and just be better all around!

CrossFit is AWESOME!! I LOVE IT.  We build the mechanics, then focus on consistency, and once we hit intensity, only HIGH intensity will do for us.  Well, there are many benefits to sprinkling in some long duration, low intensity (LD/LI) work to your repertoire, whether it is on a rower, an air dyne, or running.  Here are a few of the benefits:

    BENEFIT #1

– At long duration/lower intensity, the body utilizes more fat as an energy source as opposed to carbohydrates at higher intensity.  The layman’s’ explanation would be, your body doesn’t want to tap into those glycogen stores unless it has to, because those glycogen stores are limited.  At LD/LI, your body recognizes this and optimizes fat utilization.

 BENEFIT #2/3/4

– Training at longer duration/lower intensity can improve your heart’s efficiency.  LD/LI forces more blood into your left ventricle, which over time increases the size of you heart wall, which increases the amount of oxygen-rich blood your heart can pump to the muscles. When that blood gets to the muscles, the mitochondria of the muscles use that oxygen for energy.  LD/LI helps to increase the size of these mitochondria.  Bigger mitochondria = more surface area to receive that oxygen into the muscles.   More oxygen getting into your muscles = they don’t fatigue as quickly.  That may have gotten a little “sciencey”, but just know that more oxygen pumping through your system means good things!!

There are many other benefits to LD/LI such as decreasing blood pressure, reducing stress levels, in creasing thresholds, and reducing LDL blood cholesterol levels  but the key is not everything has to be debilitatingly crushing.  Sometimes we just need to get out and smell the roses at an easy pace.



Tomorrow, August 2nd @ 2pm.  Verve’s In-House Olympic Weightlifting Meet.  Join us to cheer on your gym-mates in their first Oly Lifting comp. – Please note WALNUT ST. will be closed for the Color Run, so please plan your timing accordingly.

August 11th – Next Foundations program begins


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