Friday 140808

For load:
Split Jerk from the rack
EMOM 10 Minutes
2 split jerks @ 60% of 1 RM
15 Ab Mat Sit-ups

Post weight to comments or BTW

The rowing crew after completing their 40 minute time trial thanks to Maddie and Elevation Rowing!

The rowing crew after completing their 40 minute time trial thanks to Maddie and Elevation Rowing!

GAINZZZZZZ!!! Where have mine gone?

When we first start CrossFit, PR’s are not hard to come by.  Snatch, Cleans, Back Squats have monthly increases of 10 to 20 pounds.  Man does it feel good!  The world can’t stop us.  If we continue at this rate Rich Froning better watch out, we will be at the Games within our first year of starting.  What many of us have realized, one to two years into our journey, those PR’s are harder and harder to come by.  I recently read an article by Catalyst Athletics about this very topic.  Below is the portion that I took the most away from.   You can read the full article here.


Enjoy these PR bonanza days, because anybody with long-term experience in weightlifting knows exactly what I’m gonna say next…

You’ll hit a wall at some point. As my coach used to say, “You start reaching a point where you have to work twice as hard to make half as much progress.” This is the best statement I’ve ever heard to describe those time periods when the PRs start to get fewer and farther between. 

When you reach this phase, your frustration will get pretty hot. I recommend that you find something you can hit regularly. A punching bag would work, or maybe a small child who doesn’t show much potential. 

(I’m just kidding, don’t hit things. I’ve done plenty of that and it doesn’t help.)

A lot of people want to start changing everything when the progress slows down. They think, “What I used to do isn’t working anymore, so I need to do something different.” Sometimes this might be true…but sometimes it isn’t. When your PRs start getting higher and harder to beat, it doesn’t necessarily mean your program is wrong. You can easily get sucked into a pattern where you’re constantly changing how you do things, and that’s not good. You keep wanting to rearrange your technique or routine because the previous change didn’t lead to any improvement. Before you know it, all you’re doing is jumping from one rock to another. Having good coaches and actually LISTENING to them can make this a lot easier. 

I once heard a coach say, “Everything works, but nothing works forever.” I disagree with both parts of that idea. There are some things that clearly don’t work, and there are also things that definitely work forever. Trying to become a better Olympic lifter by using all the newest strength fads you read about on the internet doesn’t work. Mastering the technique of the full competition lifts and improving your squat strength works forever. 

Here’s a little thought about making progress. Have you ever chopped down a tree? It didn’t topple to the ground the first time you hit it with the axe, did it? Nope. You had to keep swinging and whacking at it, over and over and over. It took a lot of blows to knock that damn thing down, but you finally did it. You might have had to make a few adjustments while you were doing it, like changing the angle of your axe swings or adjusting your grip on the handle. But it basically came down to simply putting in a lot of effort over a long period of time. That’s how weightlifting works, jack.

Key points here:

#1 – Trust the programming!  Don’t’ try to switch things up to much.   Mechanics, Consistency, and Adaptation will lead to better lifts.

#2 – CELEBRATE THE CRAP OUT OF THE PR’S YOU DO ACHIEVE!! Ring that bell, ride your imaginary pony and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.


Tomorrow starts our Verve Community Class @ 8am.  This class is taking the place of the Intro Class.  This is a great class to bring your friends and family who have been wanting to check out Verve or CrossFit.  An added bonus is the workout changes each class and you can join your friends and family and still get your WOD-on too.  Next Foundations Class starts August August 11th.



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