Friday 140919

3 rounds for time:

32 Deadlifts, 185# (125#)
32 Hanging hip touches, alternating arms
Run 800m, odd object carry, 30# (20#)

For information about this hero Kevin Ebbert, go HERE
For movement demo, go HERE

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Handstands!! When walking on your feet isn't good enough!

Handstands!! When walking on your feet isn’t good enough!


We all need it! Some of us have a great routine, some of us think about it more than we do it.  Either way, mobility is a HUGE part of making progress in CrossFit.  There are so many options and variations for mobilizing that we can get ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.  The next several Friday posts will be a series revolving around mobilization of the different areas of the body.  I challenge you to spend time each week performing some of the mobility tips and finding which ones you enjoy the most and incorporate them into a daily routine.  We will start with ANKLES and work our way up the body.

ANKLES – Tight, inflexible ankles can lead to poor squatting form, painful running, and tight calves.  Here are some great mobility drills to help get those supple ankles you have always wished for:

#1 – LOOSEN UP YOUR FEET – Simply grab a lacrosse ball, take off you shoes and, while standing, roll the ball around the entire bottom of your foot for :90 each foot.  PUT YOUR BACK IN TO IT, use some force.  You can also do this with a kettle bell.  Sit on your butt and use the bottom of the kettlebell in a twisting motion on the bottom of your foot for the same time period.

#2 – LOOSEN UP YOUR HEEL CORD – Watch the following video with Kelly Starrett regarding tight heel cords.

#3 – HEEL PUMPS – Here is a video from our very own Dan Pope.  They include several ideas, including the heel pump.  Line your toe up about 5 inches from a wall.  While keeping your heel on the ground, pump your knee forward, trying to touch your knee to the wall.  Do 15-20 pumps on each side. (Great background music Dan!)

#4 – HEEL PUMPS TO THE NEXT LEVEL – Attach a band low on the pull-up rig and place a box about 2ft to 3ft in front of it. Hook the band LOW on your ankle and put your whole foot on top of the box.  Keeping you heel down, now do some knee pumps, same rep scheme.


You may say to yourself “These are nothing new, I have seen these before!”, but do you do them on a regular basis?  Take one week and do these daily to see if you can feel a difference.  Next week: CALVES!! Get excited!


 – Hinshaw Seminar – September 27th 9a – 5p
          Follow this link if you are interested in signing up.  Talk to Roby, Anna, or Joylyn if you have questions about why this is one of the best seminars you will ever go to.  If you are currently in or are thinking about joining the Comp Crew, this seminar helps you to better understand the Stamina work in the program.

-VERVE LADIES NIGHT – September 26th starting @ 5:30pm @ at Infinite Monkey Theorem right across the street.  Be there, or be……. left out:(

– GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF THE VERVE ATHLETES COMPETING IN THE COLORADO OPEN MASTERS at Front Range CrossFit.  If you have time this weekend, go show them some support at Front Range CrossFit.


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