Friday 141003

For Time:

Run 1600 Meters
rest 4 minutes
Run 1200 Meters
rest 3 minutes
Run 800 Meters
rest 2 minutes
Run 600 Meters
rest 1 minute
Run 400 Meters
rest 30 seconds
Run 200 Meters

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Brad having some fun on the run!

Brad having some fun on the run!


If you have ever had shin splints or tibial stress syndrome, they are no fun.  Keeping with the Mobility Friday theme, you will get some tips on how to mobilize to alleviate some of the pain and also tips to avoid the pain again.  First, lets look at what causes shin splints.

There are many things that can cause shin splints.  Things such as:

  • Improper running form (heel striker)
  • Tightened calf muscles
  • Overpronation (When the ankles lean inward or “flat feet”)
  • Bad shoes (too much cushioning or “support” can change your natural stride)
  • Oversupination (walking on the outside of our feet or “high arches”)
  • Sudden increase in intensity (starting a running program or training for longer distances than you normally do)
  • Ankle restriction / immobility

#1 – For mobility tips, please refer to the past 2 Fridays’ posts.  Those posts were focused on ankle and calf mobility.

#2 – Seek a professional to analyze your gate if mobility is not helping the pain.

#3 – Here is a great self-massage video to ease your aching shins.  All you need is a lacrosse ball, but you can also do the same massage with a green or blue trigger point roller.


-Please don’t forget that tomorrow is the fundraiser for the EOD 130 Memorial WOD.  Bring a friend and have some fun for a good cause

– Next Sunday is Run the Rocks @ Red Rocks amphitheater.  Let Coach Nate know that you are competing so we can meet up before and/or after the run for some brewskies and fun.  If you need more details, e-mail

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