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For time:
150 Wallballs to 10′ target, 20#(14#)

Compare to 140608


Only seriousness allowed in Comp Crew!  #impromptudanceparty

Only seriousness allowed in Comp Crew! #impromptudanceparty

Mobility Series Continued!!  GOT KNEE PAIN?

Let me preface this post with a reminder that there are many causes of knee pain.  Depending on the source of the pain, doing any and all of these lower extremity mobility drills may help alleviate the pain.  This mobility post will focus on directly mobilizing the knee joint, but realize that the pain could be caused by upstream or downstream issues.

#1 – First, let me recommend a 3 part video by Kelly Starrett called Solving Knee Problems.  Coach Starrett goes over why we have you squat the way you do and identifiying those upstream and downstream issues I mentioned above.

Watch Solving Knee Pain Part One here
Watch Solving Knee Pain Part Two here
Watch Solving Knee Pain Part Three here

#2 – Banded Torque and Tension of the knee – Wrap a green band low around the pull-up rig and wrap the other end around your ankle twice.  Sit down and scoot you booty away from the rig creating tension on the band.  Now you will use your hands to internally rotate your high-shin area while flexing you quad.  Do this for ~2 minutes each leg. To up the intensity, wrap you entire knee with a VooDoo band and do the same drill!!  BAM!!
Here is a short video showing the drill:

#3 – Banded knee distraction – Wrap a green band knee-height on the pull-up rig.  Step into the band with one leg, making sure it is at the back of your knee.  Step away, facing the rig, creating some tension on the band.  With your feet close together, squat down.  You should feel some light pulling on the front of your knee.  Move the knee around, into the different corners.  Do this for about :90 seconds on each leg.    Then, turn your side to the rig and squat more, allowing the band to pull you knee out.  Here is a video showing the drill:

Shout out in comments if you try any of these, or if you have any great GO-TO knee mobility drills.


– There is a CrossFit Kids seminar at the gym this weekend, so we will be having classes on-site @ 7am on Saturday and Sunday.  Courtney will be coaching swim WODS off-site on Saturday at Glenarm Rec Center at 9:30am and 10:30am.  Sunday we will have park WOD’s at Commons Park @ 9am and 10am.

-Let Nate know if you are participating in the Run the Rocks 5k Run Walk.  The race starts at 9am.  You can still sign-up with our discount code CrossfitRocks14 to receive a $5 discount.

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