Friday 141107


7 Minute AMRAP
Rep Ladder Doubles

2 Cleans 135(95#)
2 Box Jump Overs 24”/20”
4 Cleans 135(95#)
4 Box Jumps Overs
8 Cleans 135(95#)
8 Box Jump Overs
16 Cleans 135(95#)
16 Box Jumps Overs
32,32,64,64…continue to double the reps until 7 min has elapsed

Post reps to comments or BTW


No injury will keep Emily A. down!!

No injury will keep Emily A. down!!


MANY, MANY of us have very tight hips.  Our jobs require us to sit all day, we sit to watch T.V at night, we sit in the car taking the kids to their sports all the while, the surrounding musculature of the hip is tightening.  There are many ways to skin this “tight hip” cat, so this will be a multi-part sub-series.  We will discuss 3 different ways to mobilize the hip including simple stretching, band-assisted stretching, and using a lacrosse ball and foam roller.


You don’t always have to recruit equipment for mobility; gravity and our body weight can be sufficient to loosen those hips up.

#1 – The following 6 minute video goes through 8 stretches you will take your hips through just using a little real estate on the ground.  Even if you don’t do them all, pick a couple to do while waiting for class to begin.


#2 – Windhsield Wipers – Sit on the ground, hands behind you and knees up with flat feet on the ground about shoulder width apart.  Now move you knees side to side slowly, trying to touch your knees to the ground.  **Only go as far as you can keep hips and feet  on the ground.**

#3 – Classic Fire Hydrant – Get on the ground on all 4’s.  Lift one leg, holding it at a 90 degree angle.  Now lift the leg laterally, with a swinging motion for 10 – 15 reps, then complete on the other leg.  Another movement you can do while in this position is lift the leg laterally, now draw circle with the knee, taking the hip through full range of motion.

As with ALL mobility, there are different ways to attack your tightness.  This is just one of the techniques to try this week; next week we will discuss band-assisted hip mobility.



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