Friday 141114

Everyday Warrior Battle Series #2

12 Minute AMRAP

30 Double Unders

15 Wall Ball 20#(14#)

10 Deadlift 185#(135#)

Post reps to comments or BTW


Danielle showing her brother some sisterly love by burpee-ing over him!

Danielle showing her brother some sisterly love by burpee-ing over him!


Last week we discussed mobilizing the hips using just your self as a mobilization tool.  This week we will cover mobilizing the hips with the assistance of a band.  The hip muscles and hip capsule are very strong; using a band to get them into an ideal position is sometimes necessary.

#1 – Sitting all day can lead to tightened hip flexors and we need to lengthen those things out!!  The following video is mobilization that you may have seen before; if you have seen or done this before, try using a stronger band.

#2 – Now that our hip flexors are loosey goosey, let’s work on that internal rotation (that’s right, I said internal rotation).  If your toes have a tendency to flare out as you squat, you could be missing internal rotation of the femur; this leads to the toes flaring out so you can get to depth in the squat.  The following video will help you recapture that necessary rotation in the femur to keep tension in the system.

#3 – After working on that internal rotation, let’s hit the all-important external rotation in the groin area.  Getting into this next stretch may be the hardest part, but you WILL NOT regret it.  The groin is a very difficult area to stretch or roll-out, so this is a great way to attack it.

Have fun trying these out! Next week we will utilize a foam roller / green trigger point roller to hit up those hips!

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