Friday 141128

Tabata mash-up, :20 of work, :10 of rest alternating between exercises:
Ring support
Chin-over-bar hold
Squat hold (perfect form)

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Courtney modeling the sign-up sheet for CrossFit Lodo

Courtney modeling the sign-up sheet for CrossFit Lodo


What is the Thoracic Spine?  It is the area of the back from your mid-back up to the base of your neck.
Why does it get tight?  We live in a world of being hunched over looking at computer screens and telephones.   This is also an area we have  tendency to hold stress.

Here are 3 different mobility techniques to loosen it up:

#1 – Grab a double lacrosse ball, a weight plate or an atlas stone, and a super friend if you happen to have one handy.  You can also ditch the weight and simply place the double lacrosse ball on your T-spine, give yourself a big hug and do small sit-ups, slowly moving those balls up your back.

As they mention in the video, this is great to do before overhead movements.

#2 – Whilst at home watching your favorite reality TV show, you can do a knealing spine rotation.  Come down onto your hands and knees, place one hand behind your head.  On that same side, you will now reach your elbow towards the opposite knee, then rotate so the elbow is pointing to the ceiling.  Make sure your butt is towards your heels to ensure you don’t rotate in your lower back. Here is a video explaining that:

#3 – Now you can employ the use of the good ‘ole foam roller.

There are SO MANY good mobility drills for the thoracic spine, please watch these videos and all of the other videos that pop up on Youtube.


Don’t forget the modified schedule this weekend.  Classes @ Verve at 7am ONLY on Saturday and Sunday.  We have partnered with CrossFit Lodo on both of those days so you can sleep in if you would like and get a workout there.  Class times for CrossFit Lodo this weekend are:

SATURDAY 11/29 – 9am Yoga Class / 10am WOD / 11am WOD
SUNDAY 11/30 – 10am Yoga Class / 11am WOD / 12pm WOD

All we ask is that you sign up on the sheet that is place at our Front Desk so we can let them know how many people will be showing up.

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