"CrossFit Total"

Max load for three attempts of:

Back Squat

Shoulder Press


Add max loads for total score and post to comments.


The 5:30 class doing synchronized knees to elbows.

The CrossFit Total was designed to bring more strength to the CrossFit approach.  It must be preformed in this order; squat, press and then dead-lift.  There is no time limit for each lift or the length of the session (except that our classes are 1 hour in length).  Multiple progressions to the best attempt are not allowed.  The first attempt should be a weight you know you can do for a heavy set of three.  The second attempt would be a weight you know you can do for a single and the third is a weight you want to do  – have fun!


  1. James :

    I’d like the last fifteen minutes of my life – where I was trying to figure out how a class of eight was going to do ring dips on two sets of rings – back, please.
    But looking forward to the CFT. I’ve never maxxed out any of these lifts before.

  2. Joylyn :

    That is such a good looking group above! Super hot peeps!
    Well, I was gonna take a rest day, but now that I’ve seen the WOD, I’ve gotta show up. As long as I don’t end up out of town tonight at work (don’t worry, I’ll send you a pic Cherie).
    Mas made the jambalya from paleo cookbook #1 tonight–totally spicy and delish! Will try and post recipe when I get home tomorrow. I have to say I’m getting kind of tired of eating protein, and eating in general, so the more I mix it up into recipes, the better.

  3. TIm M. :

    Everyone great gob on lifts today.
    PR on all lifts:
    BS305 SP155 DL355
    Crossfit Total 815
    Amy and I talk I think that it would be fun to get a group together for a pot luck or go out although keeping it Paleo/Zone ; ) Tomorrow night (Sat 14th) If anyone would like to join let us know. I will leave my number at CFV. We need a place that works for everyone.

  4. Cherie :

    James hopefully Saturdays WOD will bring about new wonder:)

  5. James :

    I think you’re OK on the rings tomorrow, because there aren’t that many of us who can do muscle ups… yet. Give us a few more months and you’ll have to hang a few more rings up there.

  6. Jeff McD :

    Amazed myself at how much I lifted today, made personal best in life on all these cause I can remember my max in high school football.
    Squat: 205, Push Press: 115, Dead Lift: 295 with a Total of 615.

  7. Rich :

    I surpassed all my expectations I set for myself on these 3 lifts – maybe it was the “bowling shoes!”
    Shoulder Press: 145
    Deadlift: 315
    Total: 710
    I have 90 Lbs to add across 3 lifts, and I cant wait to try this work out again – I really enjoyed it!

  8. Joylyn :

    Rough workout after a long night at work, but I couldn’t resist trying it….I probably should have. oh well, better luck next time!
    Back squat: 205 (definitely should do more next time)
    Shoulder Press: 85 (boo)
    Deadlift: 285 (boo)
    Total: 575

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