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Back squat


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Mobility Series – SHOULDERS

This week we dive into mobilizing the shoulders with a roller and some other tools you find around the gym.

#1 – Lateral Banded distraction – YES, we did banded distraction last week, but this was too good not to include in this shoulder series.  The key mobilizations are at 1:17, 3:35, and 5:25, but his dialogue throughout is very helpful.  I speak from experience that these are GREAT techniques, but keep the motion small in the beginning.

#2 – First Rib Mobilization – As coaches, we hear that sometimes athletes have numbness and tingling in their hands and forearms.  This can mean many things, but one possibility is your first rib is slightly askew.  If the first rib is askew, it can also lead to decreased overhead shoulder mobility.  This is a great mobilization technique that you can do sitting at your desk or anywhere as often as you would like.

#3 – Kettlebell Shoulder Capsule Mobilization – This is a great mobilization for all of you desk warriors that sit at a computer ALL DAY.



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