Friday 150130


10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2

Every minute on the minute for 10 Minutes
5 Deadlifts @ 50% of 2 rep
7 Burpees over the bar

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STRONG FEET! Give your brick house a strong foundation. – Anna Mattson

We spend tons of time building strong shoulders, legs, and backs but why don’t why spend time building time on the foundation of our house, our feet?  Our feet are so important because they guide how our body will handle load, how we squat, how we walk, how we run, much of our posture by forcing how we stand and so much more. Any disfunction in our feet will lead to serious upstream problems in our knees, hips, even our shoulders!  I will take you through some weekly drills to get stronger feet and better foot positioning to help you build a strong foundation to your house.

Here is an exerpt from an article by Robb Wolff as to why having strong feet is so important to our basic daily functioning and performance:

Let’s dive into why having strong feet that are unbreakable (which means you have mobility where appropriate, you have stability where appropriate, and your ankle and lower leg are strong and function as your skeleton was built for) makes the rest of your body also more unbreakable.

The way your feet make contact with the ground determines how the bones in and above your foot will sit, and that affects how the muscles & joints throughout your body work. Look at this picture.ankle caved in

When arches drop and ankles cave in, the tibia & fibula no longer are stacked over the foot, instead leaning in at the bottom. The knee will internally rotate, and in time, this can make your glute activation go down the toilet.

Part of the glutes job is to keep the femurs externally rotated and the knees heading in the forward direction. It gets harder and harder to do that when the knees keep turning in because the guys down below (the arches & ankles) aren’t holding the structure up.

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The first drill to work on will be getting your feet into proper positioning while standing.  Get ready to get your mind BLOWN!  I watched this video and did this drill.  I felt like I was standing pigeon-toed and new muscles were working that I hadn’t felt before, but apparently I was in the proper position.  Anytime you are standing still, waiting at the whiteboard, standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for your coffee at the coffee shop DO THIS DRILL! (I did it the entire time I was writing this post)


-This weekend we have many athletes competing in the Winter Wodfest @ CrossFit Eminence.  Michael Cain, Molly Reynolds, Lisa Whewell, and Meghan Barkman Law will all be representing Verve.  Saturday the workouts will be completed @ CrossFit Eminence – 864 East 78th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80229 and Sunday the workouts will be completed @ VMAC pool – 5310 East 136th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80241.


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