Friday 150417

For time:
10 Power snatch, 135#(95#)
400m Run
15 Thrusters, 135#(95#)
400m Run
20 Clean & jerk, 135#(95#)
400m Run
25 Deadlift, 135#(95#)
400m Run

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Visual example of knees collapsing.

Visual example of knees collapsing.

Box Jumps continued…

 We will continue the discussion of safely incorporating box jumps into our training.  We will discuss some of the safety issues that may come up and how to tackle them.

Safety Issue #1 – Ruptured Achilles!  Achilles ruptures generally happen during the switch from the eccentric portion to the concentric portion of the movement, meaning when we are landing and rebounding into our next jump.  If our ankles are not ready or our calves and surrounding structures are too tight, this can lead to a nasty ruptured achilles which will put you out of commission for 3 – 9 months.  Here is a great video to show you some easy techniques you can do before a workout with box jumps to mobilize your calves.   THIS VIDEO

Safety Issue #2 – Collapsed knees!  As pictured above, collapsed knees are not only NOT pretty, they are very dangerous in an explosive movement.  Knees caving in during the box jumps can be due to many reasons, such as weak hips, glutes, or hamstrings, and/or an lack of awareness of a proper squat.  Some ways to avoid this during box jumps are: (#1 – #5 courtesy of

  • Rule #1: Be able to perform a competent un-weighted squat before trying any height box jump.
  • Rule #2: Be able to perform a bodyweight weighted squat before doing depth or rebound jumps, if you jump onto a box before you can meet this standard step down.
  • Rule #3: Never jump off of something you can’t jump onto.
  • Rule #4: Never jump off something that you can’t absorb the landing smoothly and with confidence.
  • Rule #5: Landing is more important than jumping.
  • Rule #6: Strengthen the weak structures such as hips and glutes.  Monster walks and glute bridges are a great place to start.
  • Rule #7:  Practice the landing of the box jump.  Start at a very low height and practice a soft landing, driving the knees out, weight on the outside of the feet, and making as little sound as possible.

Box jumps can be performed safely so achieve our training goals, we just need to make sure we don’t put the cart before the horse and practice good mechanics and mobility first!


-Free Community WOD tomorrow at 8am.  Come one, come all interested in checking out Verve or CrossFit!

– Molly will be teachig Yoga on Sunday at 8am





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