Friday 150717

For time:
Run 1 Mile
50 Alternating dumbbell snatch as heavy as possible
Row 1000 Meters

Post time to comments or BTW

"Hey bro, Wednesday is MY day to wear the orange shorts!" - the bromance has reached its peak.

“Hey bro, Wednesday is MY day to wear the orange shorts!” -You can see Nate and Clancy’s style blog @

WHAT IS YOUR WHY? – Anna Mattson

Recently, Cherie Chan posted a statement on twitter “when it seems like downhill is the only direction, you turn a corner n start a climb. Fitness is not linear, happy to be headed up again”.  Do you ever feel like your training has its’ peaks and valleys?  It is at moments that we hit those valley’s that we have to remind ourselves WHY we joined this community in the first place.  As of late, I have felt my training had fallen into a slump, I am not especially happy with my physique (being candid here), and I felt like I was not seeing the gains I was hoping for – I am in a valley.  Cherie’s post helped to remind me #1- that my fitness journey is not going to be all highs and it is natural to become slightly disengaged and fall into a slump, and #2 I didn’t get into CrossFit to win all of the competitions and to be the strongest person in the gym.  Why did I get into CrossFit (I need a little reminding myself at times)?
#1 – It is FUN
#2 – Some of the best results I have seen in my physique above all other training methods I have followed
NONE of those reasons include winning competitions and being the strongest!  Ahhh, I am re-centered.

SO, I ask you, WHAT IS YOUR WHY?  Why did you get into CrossFit?  What keeps you coming in?  Please take a second to post and get to know you a little better.


-TETON WATER meat truck will be HERE Saturday, 7/18 from 11am – 2pm for all of your meat needs.  They accept cash and credit cards.

– The following vendors will be here with samples and answers to your questions for the Paleo Pop-up this Saturday!
White Buffalo Kitchen (will be doing an awesome giveaway!)
-Colorado Cider Company
-Haiku Foods
-Cynthia Farris – fermentationist
-Paleo Dave-
-Lindsey Taleff- personal chef
-rEvolutionary Lifestyle (me)
-True Human Health
-Saso pepper co with jacksons honest chips
– Kulture superfoods


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