Friday 151009

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
1 Pull up
1 Push up
1 Air squat
each round add one rep. Must finish all reps of each movement before moving on.

Post reps to comments or BTWB

Congratulations to Brendan who, after being on blood pressure medicine since he was 27 yrs old, is now of his medication! He attributes is to a focus on nutrition and CrossFit.

Congratulations to Brendan who, after being on blood pressure medicine since he was 27 yrs old, is now of his medication! He attributes is to a focus on nutrition and CrossFit

Getting older can be challenging!  Issues come up with our body that didn’t come up when we were 20; our recovery is slower, or range of motion can be diminished, all of the small injuries we incurred when we were younger provide us gentle reminders that we are not the young whipper snapper we once were.  All of this can add up to frustration and injury, but it doesn’t have to!  I, Anna Mattson, am going to include a several part series on the issues that arise for the “aging” crossfitter and how to address them.  The first part in the series has to do with mobility.  UGH, I know we say it all of the time, but as we get older, mobility becomes THAT MUCH MORE important.   If you don’t have time and you are over 35, YOU MAKE TIME!!

“Aging” Athlete Series – CrossFit Boston 

So I’m back to blogging regularly, and I want to address some things that have been both bothering me and causing me to reconsider my training. I’m hoping that you can learn from my experiences and not go down the same, winding road that I’ve taken. Let me start by saying that I’m beginning to realize that as I get older there are some things that need to change. And that’s precisely what this series is going to be about; things to consider as you age in regards to your fitness. 

This first post is relevant to EVERYONE who walks into a gym, not just the aging athlete. I’d like to re-address an issue that I see all too often that simply needs to change. Every single one of you are competitive to some degree. That’s part of what enticed you to try CrossFit. While competition is great, it’s not really the point of what we do here, or this post. But that internal motivation and drive is what makes us strive to be better than that other, less-fit/less-healthy version of ourselves. With that being said, I see a lot of potential and opportunity left at the door. Let me explain.

All too often athletes and beginners alike, roll in the door, sign-in (RIGHT?!), walk up to the whiteboard and wait for class to start. If they didn’t plan correctly, they might be about 3-4 minutes early. They then wander around until class starts picking up a jump rope for 1-2 minutes, play with a kettle-bell for a minute or two, or lay on a foam roller without much thought as to what they are doing. Some might even go for the good ol’ super front-rack or banded overhead distraction because they have been doing it for the past 2 years and they think that it constitutes pre-class mobility. Let me ask you a question: Do you have a plan for improving mobility so that you can finally get into a legitimate back squat or front-rack position? How about those Overhead Squats? Those are fun huh? For most people, achieving these take some dedicated mobility. Not just 3-4 minutes of “hoping” your mobility improves. 

Without a plan to improve mobility (let’s face it, almost everyone could stand to improve mobility in some way) you aren’t doing yourself justice. You are leaving potential and opportunity at the door. This is the biggest and greatest benefit you can afford yourself and your training. It is the most attributable factor to improved fitness and all those new PR’s you’ll be seeing. Get a mobility plan and aggressively attack your weaknesses and limiting ROM. 

This shouldn’t have to even be said, but as we age, appropriate warm-up/mobility can make or break your day in the gym. I am able to attribute “good days” in the gym to adequate/proper mobility and warmup, and “bad days” to times when I just don’t have the time to get in the necessary mobility. This wasn’t always the case though. I used to be able to walk into the gym and jump right into a working set of bench (because I abhorred back squat in the not too distant past). Was that the right move then even? Hell no! I would be in a much better place now if I had spent even a little bit of time on movement prep. I now try for at least a half hour of mobility/movement prep before even thinking about picking up a barbell. Anyway, I digress. Let’s get back on track.

YES, mobility is necessary. Vital. Imperative even. Every person has areas that are specific to them that need to be addressed, so I can’t say “Do this” or “Do that.” You have options. Exercise those options people! Here’s what I can do for you though. I can promise, no matter your age, you NEED to work on mobility. Give mobility a chance guys. It’s not going to hurt (too bad). But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t be the guy/girl who walks in and jumps right into class. You can’t do that, and expect to have a good day in the gym. See what a legitimate mobility session pre-WOD can do for your training. It will open the doors to new PR’s all over. I promise. 

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  1. David afraimi :

    That’s why this old man is usually 20-30 min early

  2. James (OG) :

    And that’s why this old man is always injured.

  3. Charles :

    Im with James..thats why this old man is almost always injured

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