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Rest 4 minutes

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Howard and Eric going head to head on the rowers!

Howard and Eric going head to head on the rowers!


In keeping with the “Aging CrossFitter” theme, I wanted to take a second to remind ALL of us, young and aging alike, why we do this thing called CrossFit.  For many of us, there is a vanity aspect as our reason which is fine, no judgement here.  For others, we are working towards regaining health and happiness.  For all of us, there are unintended rewards that we reap by doing CrossFit; which become ever more apparent as we get older.  The following is an article which will help guide those of us that are here for vanity, and also those of us looking for other rewards as we age.  You can view the full article here.  Ladies, this article has to do with testosterone, but please don’t be intimidated, we need testosterone too!

CrossFit Masters: Mastering the Art of Staying Buff

CrossFit is continually giving us reasons why it is one of the best training programs for all-around fitness and health. Besides creating amazing athletes across all age groups and forging an unshakeable, close-knit community, for older male CrossFitters in particular, some of the reasons go far beyond just being fit: this is about a longer life and higher quality of life.

Older athletes face unique challenges as they strive to stay fit and competitive. Similar to younger athletes, they want continued muscle growth, increased strength, and stamina. But as we age, these desires can become more challenging to achieve and maintain. The key to meeting these challenges starts with understanding the hormone testosterone.

So…what is testosterone and what does it do for you?
What most people don’t know is that 1) testosterone plays a major role in metabolism, memory, & cognitive function, and 2) the presence of normal testosterone levels contributes to maintaining optimal weight as well as reducing risk of degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. An even more powerful hormone than you thought.

Check Your Testosterone Levels

In case you are wondering what your own testosterone levels are like, see if any of these symptoms of low testosterone apply to you.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone
  • Reduced energy levels
  • Reduced strength and endurance levels
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Sleep problems

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone
Were you nodding your head looking at the list above? Now check out what lifestyle changes you can make to improve your testosterone levels on your own, without taking supplements:

…And where does CrossFit come into the equation?

Interestingly — though not surprisingly — CrossFit workouts have the perfect structure for improving testosterone levels naturally. Studies show that one of the best ways of increasing testosterone is high-intensity exercise (CrossFit definitely fits the bill). The short intense workouts and heavy weight movements that are the foundation of CrossFit are the perfect prescription for increasing testosterone levels. Engaging large muscle groups using compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts & burpees (gotta love burpees!) are some of the best testosterone-boosting exercises. The duration of workouts should be short (5-30 minutes) and have very little rest periods between sets. Can you say “CrossFit”?

Now, lest we get too excited, let’s also add a word of caution: It is not recommended that you go into the box tomorrow and start throwing around huge amounts of weight that are beyond your normal abilities.

Studies have shown that overtraining actually significantly reduces testosterone levels for 1-4 days afterward! By the way, it doesn’t matter whether it is endurance or weight training — the lowering effects of overtraining on testosterone levels is the same.

So for my fellow Masters athletes, the story on staying buff is to be aware. Be conscious of how you feel before, during and after training. Know your training cycles and keep a record of your progress. CrossFit is an amazing tool in your bag if you use it correctly.


  • SATURDAY!!! Halloween costume contest! We will take pictures throughout the day, post them to Verve Social Facebook page.  On Sunday, based on how many likes each picture gets, we will decide the winner.  The winner will receive a free bag of the protein of their choice!!!
  • Yoga is at 8am this Sunday!
  • Daylight Savings Time is Sunday morning, so don’t forget to set your clocks back so you get an extra hour of sleep (or partying) and come to yoga.





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