Friday 151225

6 Rounds for time:
24 Squats
24 Push-ups
24 Walking lunges
400 Meter run

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Congratulations Francine!

Congratulations Francine!


If you did not already know, we have two Verve members who recently accomplished some BIG goals!  Francine M. just completed the Denver Police Academy and Jake C. just completed Firefighter Academy with North Metro Fire. I sent them a request for a little insight as to what inspired them to reach for these particular goals and what kept them going when things got tough.  Here are their replies:

Francine M. – “I became inspired to become a police officer back in 2008. I was working as an EMT and one of the other EMTs had just been accepted to the Denver Police Academy. We had talked about what endured and how although we loved being EMTs we felt like we needed something more. So thus began my adventure to becoming a police officer. I tried with many agencies but with the field becoming so competitive I was rejected time and again. I would get discouraged from this as each process could take anywhere from one to six months. So I decided to try to get the ins and outs on being an officer by becoming a dispatcher to decide if this was something I wanted to continue to pursue. After a few years of being a dispatcher I realized I still had an urge for the excitement of being an officer so I again started to put in applications. After several more rejections I finally got my acceptance letter to the Aurora Police Department in June of this year. I started the 6 month grueling academy and stuck with my dream. On December 17th I graduated and was sworn in as a police officer. Although I still have more to learn before heading out on my own I am excited and proud of myself for never giving up. The only issues I now face is my family and friends who will constantly worry about me night after night but they support me 100% and I could not be any more happy than I am!”

Congratulations Jake!

Congratulations Jake!

Jake C. – “I have been actively trying to become a firefighter for about 2 years but I have thought it would be a good fit for me since I was a Jr. Firefighter at age 5. It took a major life turn in my career for me to actually take the time to get my EMT and start the journey with a full head of steam. I have seen firsthand a couple of times how firefighters impacted people’s lives forever. Whether it was saving a life or saving a structure those impacts are hard to make in other professions. My motivation was to have the best job in the world and not really feel like work was work. And I wanted to help people. I am calm under pressure, so this seemed like an ideal fit. I’d like to thank Jen for all her support making it through academy and thanks to Crossfit Verve the physical aspect wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. Through the fire connections and help from members at Verve, my dream was realized. If anyone else is trying to get into fire, I am happy to help in any way I can.”

Thank you two so much for taking the time to share this insight into your lives with us!  We could not be more proud to have you as part of the Verve family.  VERVERS!  Give them a shout out in the comments showing your support! PS- I pitty the fool who gets pulled over by Francine and mouths off to her:)


  • We have ONE class tomorrow at 10am then we are back to our normal schedule on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Sunday, Kacey will be taking you through yoga at 11am to stretch out all of those holiday cramps!

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