Friday 160408

For time:
Row 2000 meters
50 Wall balls 20#(14)
Row 1500 meters
40 Wall balls 20#14)
Row 1000 meters
30 Wall balls 20#(14#)
Row 500 meters
20 Wall balls 20#(14#)

Post time to comments or BTWB

Trevor is no match for Nat's tight adductors!

Trevor is no match for Nat’s tight adductors!

GOALS – What are they good for?  Absolutely nothing unless you have a plan to get there – Anna Mattson

Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing that Goals board FULL of peoples’ hopes and ambitions relating to their personal and CrossFit goals for 2016.  Now that you have set your goals, have you also made a plan to achieve them.  While CrossFit will make us naturally stronger and better movers by sinply following the programming, if your goals are pretty BIG, you will probably need more of a plan than just showing up to the workouts.  Some examples of big goals would be “I want to take my Clean from 180# to 225#, “I want to go from no handstand walking to 10 feet of handstand walking”,  “I want to go from zero pull-ups to 4 pull-ups”, more muscle ups, faster mile, etc.  The aforementioned goals, while some are achievable, they will not happen just by doing the normal daily WOD.

When making your plan, you don’t have to add a whole other program and 8 more hours of training to your repertoire to get gains.  Here are some of my suggestions for creating a plan to get to your goals:

#1 – If you goal is gymnastics-based, GO TO DAN POPE’S CLASS TUESDAY NIGHT!! Dan has so many great progressions and drills that will build the kinesthetic awareness, proprioception, and strength to get you closer to your gymnastics goals.

#2 – Break the movement down into pieces.  Let’s look at the Clean – You can break it down into a heavy Clean deadlift, a heavy front squat, and an explosive transition.  Let’s look at the pull-up – Do you have the grip strength to hold you body on the pull-up structure for 10 – 20 seconds? Can you do supine ring rows? Can you hold your chin over the bar for more than 1 second? Take any one of these pieces, especially if you know where your weakness is, and focus on it.  Take 20-30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week and incorporate this work.  Here are some great sites to go to find some good drills:
                                         CATALYST ATHLETICS (great for Olympic weightlifting drills)
                                         POWERMONKEY FITNESS (great for gymnastics drills)

GOALS ARE AWESOME!! If there are no plans to acheive the goals, they are just pipe dreams of unicorns and rainbows!




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