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Everyday Warrior Team Battle Series Workout 3
As many rounds as possible in 11 minutes of:
5 Deadlift 225#(155#)
20 Partner Wall Balls 20#(14#)10′(9′) (10 Each Passing the Ball back and forth)
12 Alternating Burpees Over the Bar

Post reps to comments or BTWB

Where do you track your progress? Nowhere? Let's change that.

Where do you track your progress? Nowhere? Let’s change that.

Today, I would like to repost a previous post from July of last year.  We have many new members and this information is always relevant.  I can’t tell you the number of times we ask “Who knows there 1RM or Who had done this workout before” and we are met with a coy yet blank stare.  You do so many great things in this gym DAILY, but they are hard to remember unless we write them down.  Take a minute, read through this article, and if you have any questions talk to one of the coaches!

ARE YOU KEEPING TRACK? – CrossFit Invictus

“So, I would like to take a poll. How many of you know your numbers? You know, like how much is your one rep max back squat? What is your heaviest clean and jerk? I am sure some of you can tell me instantly your numbers or can head over to the red cabinet and look through your logbook to tell me your numbers.  As for the rest of you, my question of knowing your numbers may be a foreign concept. Alas, we shall change this! Soon we will live in an ideal world where everyone knows what they are currently lifting. I guess I should state that this isn’t just about numbers. Keeping a record of your lifts is important, but keeping a record of your workouts is just as important, for many reasons.

1) Keeping a workout logbook can help measure your progress! If you don’t know how much you lifted or what your time on the workout was previously, then it is hard to measure any progress.  Instead, write down exactly what weight you used and in what time you completed the workout. That way, next time the workout comes up you can see how much stronger and faster you are!

2) A workout logbook can help you set goals. Say a workout, like Fran, comes up on the board. If you have been keeping track of your workouts then you will know what your old Fran time is (if you have done it before). Say your old time was 5:45 with the prescribed amount of weight. That was 4 months ago. You can now set a new goal, say 5:15. By keeping track of your workouts, you can set realistic goals.

3) It will help you to continue to make progress.  Often, a lift will come up that says something like ‘Deadlift x 3 @ 85% of your 3-RM.’ This is going to be an awful hard prescription to follow if you have no idea what your 3-Rep Max on the Deadlift is. You have no idea if you lifted 205 x 3 or 225 x 3, a big difference in numbers when trying to make progress in your deadlift. Keeping track of your workouts will also be handy as we continue with the testing days in the group sessions. We can only have re-testing days if we have something to re-test!” – see full post here

PHEW – now that is out of the way, this may be old news, a reminder, or new news to all of you Ververs but, along with belonging to one of the most awesome gyms with the most awesome members, you ALSO get a free membership to Beyond the Whiteboard when you sign up!!

What is Beyond the Whiteboard (BTW)?? – BTW is a website / app that gives you the capability to track ALL of the work you do in this gym.  You can track 1RM, WOD’s, Hero WOD’s, Girl WOD’s, water intake, weight, etc.  You can also compare your performance to others in the gym or across the world.  BTW will track your input and analyze the data, give you graphical analysis, and so much more.  Here are a few screen shots of the website:

Beyond the whiteboard Log in screen!

Beyond the whiteboard Log in screen!

Log your workout screen

Log your workout screen

Analysis screen

Analysis screen

How do you sign-up? E-mail; he will then send you a log-in to get your account set-up.  Play around for a while to figure it out.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of the coaches or Danni, and we are happy to help.

HAPPY LOGGING! Gone are the days of “I don’t know my 1 rep max”!!!!


  • Track WOD’s all weekend (9 and 10am each day) at Manual High School.  Go to 1700 E. 28th Ave Denver, CO 80205


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