Friday 160722

Take 20 minutes to establish a 1RM deadlift

Then, 2 x 20 reps dimmel deadlift @ 50% of today’s heaviest. Rest 3 minutes between sets.

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Partner mobility is the best!! The smiles on Robyn and Andy's faces say so.

Partner mobility is the best!! The smiles on Robyn and Andy’s faces say so.


At Verve, we pride ourselves on having a clean gym and quality equipment.  Our equipment gets used many many times throughout the day, which makes us happy!!!  To make sure we can keep that equipment functioning at its best, we need to take good care of it. Here is a short video on how to properly unload a barbell:


When we simply let the barbell fall to the ground as we unload it, we are dropping that barbell on its weakest point, the sleeve which affects the spin of the barbell and, over time, can actually cause the sleeve to break off.  

Key Points:

-Load and unload your barbell from the inside
-Insider tip: Add a 5# plate under each side of your weights so the plates go on and off easily.

We thank you for the pride and care you take in making sure our gym stays awesome, and this is one more way to help that happen.




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